The Power of Love and Truth – Part 2


This blog is in addition to a previous one which was posted on November 30, 2020. The reason for this addition is that after composing and posting on my website, I revisited it and realized that there was more to add in order to further explain the power of love and truth.

Upon reflection of the words Power and Truth, I understood that they are inseparable, one cannot exist without the other. 

For example, in a situation where there is negativity or unbalance perhaps in an argument between two people, when Love enters the scene, Truth begins – or the opposite – when Truth enters, Love shows up. Think back to a time when you were in disagreement with someone and chose Love over anger or blame – what was the result?

We all have issues along the way and when things are left unresolved, unhappiness follows. One becomes dissatisfied and maybe disillusioned. After that, things can go downhill fast, one thing leads to another and soon there is anger, blame, fear and guilt – all negative energies, all destructive to the Soul. This is where Love and Truth can bring about magic! Love and Truth are the answer to any negative situation.

It has been scientifically proven that Love can heal. Self Love can heal the body. When we love ourselves, we treat our bodies more kindly, we eat healthier, we live a more healthy lifestyle. When we feel or show love to others, we give them compassion, understanding and kindness. Love is vital to all four bodies – spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. Truth stands right beside Love as a healing energy, the two are harmonious.

Love and Truth have the power to change a life, a situation or anything that is out of balance. Both are freeing, when one is told the truth, freedom can result, freedom from fear, lies and deceit. Freedom emerges from revealing information, perhaps from a “whistleblower” – one who discloses facts that have been kept secret from society. Truth can bring freedom in many forms, Truth opens a doorway and can be the catalyst to global peace.

Lies and deceit fester, rot, erode, destroy and harm people and relationships. Love and Truth are healing and freeing. These two powerful energies are the way to inner, outer, World and Universal Peace.

Until I delved deeply into the meaning of these two words, they were just words. Good words. After doing some heavy thinking and my way of analyzing, I realized the impact Love and Truth has on every sentient Being on our Planet and on Creation. The Power of Love and Truth is second to none.

Once again I wish to quote the Mother Goddess –

“ Accepting Truth requires

Purity of Heart

And then Freedom Flows”  ~~    Unquote

Truth is truth

Purity of Heart is Love, the heart is the Love centre

Freedom is available to all, freedom from fear, guilt, and oppression.