Cosmic Exchange

Most souls on Terra are here to learn, expand their consciousness and balance Karma. Occasionally any one of those three choices can involve difficulty, it is not always an easy task to advance in evolution.

There is a term often used called “Cosmic Exchange”. I happen to love those words, to me those two words carry a powerful impact! I have learned through experience that an incarnation can sometimes be complex and rocky – it can also be wonderfully rewarding. 

The catch is to discover the way of the Cosmos, figure out how it all works in the higher dimensions, and that discovery may take a variety of intricate pathways which we all need to learn how to navigate. It is worth it because along the way we have the ability to take huge leaps forward and are able to feel the joy of completing a task that we set for ourselves.

We each have the opportunity to become victorious and then celebrate those victories. It all depends on how dedicated and determined we are to learn. The way to higher consciousness involves a whole lot of inner work, going within and clearing out all of the baggage we have accumulated over time. 

Occasionally that baggage can be hidden deep within our subconscious mind and that is when we need the assistance of our High Self to release and clear anything and everything that no longer serves us. Sometimes we are not aware of the extra load we are carrying and sometimes we are aware of it and just ignore it. Those burdens can hold us back from the wonders and magic of the exciting and mystical world of a Starseed.

Our task as disciples also involves ridding ourselves of antiquated beliefs and negative attitudes that we have acquired through living in this density. One of the main reasons we chose this planet is because of the numerous challenges that we are constantly faced with. A good way to cope with and manage the challenges is to be mindful of our thoughts, words and actions; by living daily in our “now”.

When we take the time and make the effort to work toward our own evolutionary advancement, we often experience a feeling of joy, a feeling of accomplishment, of a “job well done,” a feeling and a knowing that we have worked hard and attained the desired result, which most often is a rise in consciousness.  We have earned it and that is cause for celebration!