Chaos to Freedom

November 2016 I wrote and posted a blog titled Chaos to Calm, Clarity & Understanding. This one is somewhat similar but since the last one was almost 8 years ago, so much has changed on our planet.

There are many souls here that feel unsettled and experience confusion and even fear, regarding the state of our world. My goal today is to help alleviate some of that confusion and fear. First of all, the main thing to remember is to stay as positive as you can in spite of all the turmoil world-wide. 

That can be difficult but it does help us to remember the truth every day. When we remember who we are and why we came here and then come from a place of compassion and understanding towards others and various situations, we raise our consciousness and when we do that, we can hold more Light within, thus helping us remain grounded and in the higher vibrations. 

The mainstream media and much of the social media platform can often be very distracting and take us on a path of fear and confusion. It is wise to avoid most of it if possible. Focus on the heart, take heed of what resonates within, what feels right, what feels good. 

Anything that causes one to feel unsettled, anxious and fearful should always be avoided. News outlets have the right to report what they wish – our task is to learn to use discretion regarding what items we hear and read. 

Yes, our world is in turmoil and there is a very good reason for that. It can be likened to a festering sore, all of the poison must come to the surface in order for the healing and cleansing to take place. There is healing and cleaning happening within each individual and also within various countries, soul families and soul groups. It was all planned before we came here, every soul incarnated here now, knew what they would experience and yet came in spite of that knowing. 

Karmic situations are plentiful and all must be cleared and balanced before we can move into our New World, into the New Age. There is existing karma between countries, families and individual souls; all of that energy causes havoc and disruption in our daily lives. It all must be taken care of before we can ascend as a collective which is the Plan for humanity.

There is more happening than karmic situations. Through all of the turmoil and havoc, we as a race have been given the huge opportunity to face adversity and difficult situations (sometimes daily) and through those situations, we have the choice to come from a high vibration and a lower one, to feel gratitude, compassion and love, or anger, fear and negativity. It’s all up to us, and when we choose the higher vibrations in a situation, we move forward in evolution which is the goal for each soul. 

It is indeed a significant gift and at the end of our struggles, we encounter freedom, freedom from the oppression we have experienced for thousands of years.

Go forward in Love, Light, strength and courage for we are not alone.