Healing Your Lineage

Your lineage is your past – your own past and that of your ancestors. This is the lifetime many of us have chosen to heal any past lineage that is not in our highest and best good regarding our own ascension and that of the planet and the collective.

Each generation that is here has arrived with varying gifts. The newest souls are entering with more strands of DNA activated, are more conscious, more psychic, more able to withstand the onslaught of archaic beliefs that have been perpetrated upon humanity from the beginning. They are less willing to follow the status quo and more able to forge their own way with new ideas and a new set of values.

As we go deeper into the Age of Aquarius, the ensuing generations will solidify the work that those before – the Way-Showers – have accomplished as they forge their way steadily ahead, using the changing world to their best advantage, using and understanding the newer technology and the more modern ways of thinking. 

In this way, through newer, kinder, gentler methods of living, by creating a society that works for everyone the old [ways] will disappear as the New emerges.

For the present, we can do our own work to bring about that healing. As we strive and succeed to raise our level of consciousness, we come into the realization that our parents, grandparents and earlier ancestors were not always right, that their methods of parenting and living were not always the best for everyone. 

It was what they knew at the time, it is what they learned from their own parents and grandparents. Each generation has made terrific inroads into changing our world for the better and for exposing many antiquated beliefs that no longer serve us.

Everything is energy. Energy cannot be destroyed but it can be changed. We all have the power to change the energy we create and the energy that exists in various circumstances. 

Healing your lineage means changing your beliefs about certain ways of living and how you perceive that life. Changing old patterns that no longer serve you, such as corporal punishment in the home and schools, family abuse, addictions, unhealthy eating habits, are just a few examples.  

As we work towards raising our level of consciousness, we begin to understand that often the old ways of parenting and living, such as violence, abuse and addictions, are no longer acceptable. Those energies do not belong in the new world and cannot survive as we move up in vibration as a collective.

Thus Lineage, past and present, can and will be healed.