Living in the Now

To “Live in the Now” is a simple statement and as it is with all words and phrases, it holds a superficial meaning – also a deeper meaning. It has been debated, questioned and considered over and over in the spiritual community.

I’ve heard it said, “ don’t focus on the past, live in the Now”. That is true; however, when one really delves deep into that statement, your past has brought you to this moment, to your now, so the past holds huge importance. It is wise to honour your past for you lived it, but it is also wise not to focus on the past – gently let it go and learn from the richness of that experience long ago or sometimes – not so long ago.

Placing your attention on the future, whether it be the future moment, hour, day, month or year/years, is usually a useless waste of energy because when you focus on the now and create your reality, the future takes care of itself. Often thinking about the future can cause worry, anxiety and stress which is not good for the immune system. However, long-term planning can be very beneficial in many cases.

Living in the Now simply means placing your total attention and focus on the moment, the nanosecond. Your conscious mind is very powerful and where you place your focus is how you create your reality. Whatever energy you send out to the universe is exactly what you receive in return. That is the Universal Law of Attraction and it works precisely every instant, every millisecond of your existence.

It is a conscious intention and one that an aspiring Lightworker or Starseed needs to be aware of in order to move up in consciousness and if they have chosen to – to ascend. It is important even to those who are not consciously aware of who they are and where they are from, it is helpful in anyone’s daily life, because when we focus on the positive, that is what and how we live. It means we are creating a positive reality for ourselves and truly is a miraculous tool for anyone to utilize because it is so powerful! 

During my daily morning walks I spend most of the time musing, pondering life situations or  items I have heard or read. It is always a good time for me to sort “things” out, organize my mind into neat little ( or big ) file folders. 

This blog and video are the result of one of those walks and musings. I thoroughly enjoy that time, it is a gift to mySelf. I always feel refreshed and soul-nourished when my walk is over, more able to get on with my day, having a feeling of being grounded and revitalized. 

I do hope your enjoy and benefit from this musing of mine.