What is Multidimensionality? Part 2

In Part (1) of this blog I spoke of our multidimensionality as it pertains to the hierarchy of the Soul, now I will do my best to explain how our physical self is also multidimensional.

The Soul continually seeks to evolve and this is accomplished mainly through taking on physical form and experiencing life in various realities and densities. At this point I should mention the difference between dimension and density. These two words are sometimes thought of as “the same thing”. There is a difference.

Density: is the vibrational frequency of matter.

Dimension: is a level of awareness or a level of consciousness.

The reason we are all here is that our Higher Self chose to send a small part of her/him Self to this planet in a specific body to experience life here, to balance Karma, and/or to learn and grow spiritually. The greater part of who we are is still in the higher realms.

A Human Being is composed of four bodies:

  1. The physical body
  2. The mental body
  3. The emotional body
  4. The spiritual body

The physical body is the vessel or “house” that holds the other three bodies which can be thought of as our Energetic Self or Ego Self. We need our ego, it is who we are. The ego generally controls our mental, emotional and spiritual selves, so it is very important that as we work towards enlightenment, we come to a point where we are able to manage our ego-self. Managing the ego is crucial to the ascension process. There is more information on the Ego in my blog of March 15, 2016.

We have an inner ego self and an outer ego self. The outer ego is our thinking, feeling part, the “I” that is aware of life in the physical. Whatever we are thinking or feeling at a given moment creates a “dimensional self”. If we feel or think anger, jealousy, fear, guilt, shame, hurt feelings or any other of the lower vibrational energies, then that is a lower aspect of Self or a lower dimensional Self. 

When we feel and think in the higher vibrations such as love, joy, compassion and forgiveness we are coming from one of our higher dimensional selves. We have the power and the ability to raise those lower dimensional selves up to become a higher dimensional aspects! We can do this by first recognizing that aspect of self then make the change that is required. It is all up to us, it is a choice we consciously make.              1

When we have accomplished that and are in total management of our ego self we are then existing in the 5th dimensional level of awareness and well on our way to ascension and moving on up the ladder of evolution.

There is another distinct part of Self that is contained within our energetic body and that is the Dream Self. The Dream Self is the aspect of Self that gives us our dreams and the messages contained within the dreams. The wonderful truth about the dream self, is that it is in direct contact with the sub-conscious mind and deals with information more in a symbolic way. (There are numerous books and information available on deciphering dreams)

When we dream, it is usually a story-like dream and all characters in the dream are aspects of ourselves…they are not a family member, a neighbour or anyone else – just our very own self – aspects of us. Because the Dream Self is able to penetrate the sub-conscious mind, it has direct access to our Inner Self/Ego which is our true Self or Divine Self.

In my opinion, there is one more distinct part of our dimensionality and that is what I think of as “splitting our consciousness” into other selves or becoming aware of another self. That happens when we are doing an ordinary, everyday task and even though your mind is on the task at hand, you can be thinking of something else. Perhaps you are driving your car, staying in your lane, noticing traffic around you, stopping at the red lights, going at the green and all the while you are composing in your mind, your grocery list for the next day.

We truly are amazing, complex Beings, we are more than we can even imagine! So celebrate yourself, celebrate who you truly are, a perfect spiritual Being contained within a human body having wonderful experiences as you traverse the Path to enlightenment!