ANCIENT WISDOM A term used to describe the knowledge that resides within us all and that we can access through the heart connection with Spirit.

ANUNNAKI   A species that occupied our planet billions of years ago which originated from a planet in the Constellation Sirius.

ASCENSION   Ascension is a word used to describe movement from one dimension to another and from one plane to another, it is also called Spiritual Evolution. It is the process of moving up in levels of consciousness. Ascending in the physical means reaching the level of 5th dimension while in the physical body.

ASPIRANT One who desires to achieve something or follow a certain path.

ATLANTIS   A massive land mass in the Atlantic Ocean situated off the coast of Africa that sank beneath the waves about 26,000 years ago.

CHAKRA   A chakra is an energy coil within our body. The 7 most well known are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. These energy centers take in energy from the outside world, work with it and use it to keep the body functioning. 

CONSTELLATION   A formation of stars.

CONSCIOUSNESS   A state of being.

DENSITY   The vibrational frequency of matter.

DIMENSION   A level of awareness. 

DISCIPLE Someone who adheres to a certain teaching of another.

DOWNLOAD   Information provided by our Higher Self that is sent to our sub-conscious mind to surface and be utilized at a given time.

FREEWILL    The gift of Prime Creator to every soul. ( free will ) The freedom to choose our reality without interference.

FREQUENCY The rate or speed at which molecules/energy vibrate.

GALAXY   A group of star formations within the Universe.

GODDESS – GOD   The first souls that were cast, co-creators with Source energy, also referred to as the Elohim. Guardians and protectors of the Universes. All Gods and Goddess are Archangels, but not all Archangels are Gods and Goddesses.

HIGHER SELF   The greater part of an incarnated Soul that remained in the higher Realms and the Director of the Path of the incarnate.

HOLY GRAIL   Holy is self-explanatory. Grail can mean cup or vessel. Archangel Ariel is known on Earth and in the higher Realms as the Holy Grail, the Vessel which is Holy. She is the Goddess of our Universe and the consciousness of our planet. Finding the Holy Grail means reaching a 5th dimensional level of consciousness that is one with the Earth, thus attaining Ascension.

INCARNATE   Also known as disciple. A soul that assumes physical form, and inhabits a planet in the flesh.

( RE )-INCARNATION   Rebirth of a soul in a physical body.

KARMA   Energy or situations, positive or negative left unfinished during an incarnation.

KARMIC WHEEL   The incarnation of a soul over and over again to complete unresolved energy.

LEMURIA   An immense continent situated in the Pacific ocean which sank about 26,000 years ago.

LIGHT BODY (MERKABA) The vessel the Soul uses for travel. Merkaba means Light, Body, Spirit. The Merkaba is comprised of two intersecting triangles, one masculine and one feminine that spin in opposite directions in perfect balance. The union of these two triangles create an energy field around the physical body. The energy field is a vehicle of protection and transportation for the soul to travel throughout the Universe.

LIGHTWORKER  Any soul who comes from a pure heart and shares their Light with another in a kind, compassionate, loving, caring way. He/she is a soul who incarnates with a tendency to be “of service to others” and many gravitate to the metaphysical and/or the healing modalities. One does not have to do anything to be a Lightworker, some souls just “be” and in that way their energy affects those around them and uplifts another energetically and spiritually. 

LIGHT LANGUAGE Light Language is a multi-dimensional language understood by all on a Soul level. It is high frequency encodings understood by the heart. It works on a level that causes (brings about) shifts that empower, encode and open the heart to “feel beyond the mind”. It interacts instantly with the Light Body. Most often it is not translated as a word-for-word transmission, it is a deeply layered transmission of information.

A shorter version is: Light Language is transmission through sacred sounds of sacred geometries patterned by Light to awaken new intelligence.

MATRIX   An energy surrounding the planet Earth originally placed as a healing, stabilizing field which was later corrupted by negative thoughts and emotions of humanity through millions of years of abuse and torture perpetuated by the controlling dark forces.

MATTER Is vibrating energy.

METAPHYSICAL Beyond the physical.  

MIND  The three states of the Mind.

            The Super – Consciousness: The Higher Self. We are able to attain this level of the mind if we choose to and work towards creating and then strengthening the communication between our conscious Self and the Higher Self.

             The Conscious mind: This is our day to day reality. It is like a computer, it becomes and contains whatever data we put into it.

             The Sub-Conscious mind: This mind is the storehouse. It contains all knowledge and information that we are ever given. Our High Self is the guardian of the sub-conscious mind and when we are ready, a portion of information can and will rise to the surface to be redeemed and utilized by the conscious mind. 

              The superconscious mind has access to the conscious and the subconscious mind.

              The conscious mind has access to the superconscious mind, but does not have access to the subconscious.

              The subconscious mind does not have access to the conscious mind nor the superconscious mind.

PRIME CREATOR   The Ultimate One of all that is – Source Energy

Prime Creator is pure Light and Love comprised of equal parts of masculine and feminine energy in perfect balance – One Great Consciousness. 

REPTILIAN   A civilization that originated from the constellation Orion and one of the early species who occupied our planet.

SOUL   Through the desire of Prime Creator, we were sent forth as individual fragments or sparks – spiritual expressions of the One Great Consciousness. Prime Creator chose to divide Itself into fragments of consciousness in order to experience more of Itself in all forms and realities, those fragments are Souls – us.

SOUL AGREEMENT or soul contract.  Before assuming physical form, a soul will co-create a life plan with Prime Creator that includes karma that the soul wishes to clear, learning that is required if one wants to move up the ladder of evolution, service to others in some capacity, or perhaps just for the experience. The plan may consist of many other souls, all in agreement regarding karma, lessons, service to others or any other situation.

STARSEED A soul that is seeded from another star system onto a planet. They are explorers, adventurers and eager to move up the ladder of evolution. Many come in with the purpose of helping others and assisting in the healing and liberation of a planet and it’s inhabitants and there are those who just wish to experience life in all forms and all realities.

VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY The rate or speed at which your body’s energy is oscillating.

UNIVERSE   A Universe is a portion of space and there are numerous Universes throughout Creation. Our Universe is one of a cluster of seven.