About Crystal Corridor of Light

I am a Galactic Being and an Oracle of The Ancient Wisdom. I have incarnated here on Planet Earth at this time to pass on to others the knowledge I have gained over time and to work with healing energy that is sourced from a deep, ancient part of the Universe.

I have always been a Seeker and began actively seeking answers to my many questions approximately 50 years ago. I became connected to the vibrations of Love and Light through meditation, self-study, life coaching, mentoring and trusting personal guidance.

The vast Love, knowledge and support that is available to us from the higher dimensions is infinite, we just have to be willing to acknowledge this truth as we move forward along our Life Path. 

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“The Tones of Humanity Affect the Vibration of the Universe”

Lord Ashtar

“Accepting Truth requires purity of heart – then Freedom flows.”

Archangel Ariel

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

Gautama Buddha

“I and only I, am in charge of and responsible for my thoughts, words, deeds and emotions. It is called Self Mastery.”

Affirmation: I am not a victim! I chose my path. I chose everything I experience. Only I – no one else. I am a Divine being having a human experience.