The Soul

The topic of the soul can be thought of as complicated and yet – simple. The complicated part is the many portrayals or definitions of the Soul. The simple part is the soul is our GodSelf.

We were birthed from Source energy, from the feminine part of Source – the Matter, the Mater the Mother. The masculine part of Source “fired up” the Mater creating the consciousness. 

Our soul was birthed by the Mother and ignited by the Father energy. Source then chose to send out fragments of Itself as sparks of consciousness in order to experience Itself in all forms and realities. WE are those sparks – we are all part of Source energy. That is where the phrase “ we are all One” originates from. We truly are all One.

Our soul is Consciousness, our Divinity, the Godspark within us. A human body can be made – we know it as a clone – but the consciousness, the soul, can only come from our Creator. A clone is soul-less.

What happens to the soul upon death of the physical body? The body dies and the soul continues to exist. The Soul is eternal for it is a part of Creator. We are our Soul. We are not our body, the body is simply the vessel the soul uses to get through the lifetime.

The soul may return to whatever planet, galaxy or Universe it came from or it may take a detour and perhaps go to Nirvana to the healing or learning Temples. Nirvana is the 4th dimension. It all depends on the level of consciousness that the soul holds. When the physical body dies, the soul goes to the afterlife level that it has reached during the incarnation and thus experiences that afterlife.

In the other Realms, our soul often assumes a physical body just as we do on this planet. We have incarnated countless times since the birth of our soul in various parts of Creation. That is how Source experiences Itself. 

In the high dimensions, there is no hurry to do anything, we are eternal and we have eternity to learn, evolve and experience existence.

As the soul continues to evolve, it begins to hold more and more Light. Eventually it becomes just Light and does not assume physicality. The goal is to return to Source where we first began. 

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