When in Doubt or Confusion – What Do We Do?

My mind is always busy – especially when I go for my daily morning walks, I ponder and mull over items I have read, heard or seen and then the questions come. Recently I was thinking of the basics of spiritualism – hence this blog.

We all have a chosen path, and we all deviate from our path occasionally. When that happens, life can go amok, challenges arise, problems come to the forefront, and our peace and harmony disappears. 

If we were perfect, we would follow our path with no stumbles but we are Galactic Beings having a human experience and when our human side takes over, especially our ego self, life can become very difficult.

When in doubt or confusion, the answers always lie within the basics of our spirituality. Dealing with problematic issues or people are part of our lives – occasionally we lose sight of the truth and try to resolve issues using the ego self. The simplest way to get ourselves back on track is to:

  • Take a step back from the situation.
  • Remember our Basics.
  • Follow our Truth

The truth of who we are.
Where we came from
Why we are here.
No one forced us to be here, no one created our life plan but our very own Selves.

As we navigate the sometimes rocky road of the aspirant, we eventually learn to become somewhat objective and then remind ourselves to stay calm, be an observer, perhaps say to ourselves; “hmmm – interesting.”

 It’s important to take the time to see the situation for what it really is – an incarnate experiencing a learning, clearing karma or just struggling with the ego. 

Being kind to ourselves is always a good way raise our vibration and then in so doing, we can continue on our way holding our Light high and being a Wayshower, smoothing the way for those who will follow.