BE the Change

So often throughout our lives, we are unhappy with the way our journey is progressing – or not progressing. So – what can we do to rectify that? The answer is simple. 

BE the change you want to see.

True change begins within and extends outward to affect our world. The only way to bring about lasting change is to start with our own Self.

There are many events occurring in today’s world that are upsetting, confusing and downright chaotic. WE are the ones who can change the world. We are the ones who came here to do just that – create change so that everyone on the planet is able to live a peaceful, healthy, productive and prosperous life. WE have the power.

We have the power, we just need to recognize and accept that power and then use it to create the world we want to live in. We do this by consciously holding the intention to focus on the positive, believe in ourselves, believe in the Divine, believe in the great Plan that is unfolding and live each moment towards our universal goal of peace, harmony and equality for all.

When we extend a hand of kindness to another, we are creating change because that act of kindness holds an energy and that energy ripples outward to affect others! It is truly powerful!

When we learn to control our actions and/or reactions to what others say and do, we begin the process of ego management and when our ego is under our management it takes a back seat and we are the ones who have control of our life.

Many souls have the misconception that they cannot do anything about their trials and tribulations. That is not so, we can change our life, change our world just by looking for the positive not the negative in each situation and by understanding and accepting responsibility for our life, understanding that we chose our own journey pre-incarnate. 

Another way to create change is to extend unconditional love to each one we come in contact with. That simply means instead of inflicting judgement on another, we accept their journey. We are not required to be everyone’s friend, if our energy does not match, we can accept who and what they are and then move on.

To sum this all up: Be the change. It starts with each one of us. We cannot wait for someone else to do the work, it is all up to us and together we are powerful!