What is Love

That is an interesting question. Love can be and is many things, there are numerous variations of Love. For instance, a child has a particular feeling of love towards parents, later as the child grows into puberty, there is often something we call “puppy love”. Farther along the life path, one experiences the love of friends and begins to contemplate a life mate. 

When the earthly mate is chosen, that love is entirely different from anything the soul has thus far experienced and later in the partnership, there may be children and that is another, different version of what love feels like. The love one feels for another soul that is in pain is a feeling of compassion which is another form of love. Love is the impetus that creates giving and sharing with others.

These are just a few examples of the variety of love emotions that a soul experiences throughout the lifetime. In all of the variations of the emotion we call “Love” there is one commonality and that is acceptance. 

One cannot feel true love until there is acceptance and then that becomes “unconditional love”. Unconditional love simply means that we accept another’s journey. When we send unconditional love to those around us we automatically uplift the vibration of the planet and that is a very good thing. In so doing, we also raise our own vibration, giving ourselves a boost up.

We are not required to like everything another soul says and does but it is important to accept where they are on their path. Each chosen path is unique, one is not better than another, just different. We are all on varied levels of consciousness so our journeys are diverse.

Another type of love is “Self Love”, love of self. When we love ourselves, we accept who and what we are, we are kind to ourselves, we practise non-judgement of self. Acceptance of self is about accepting our own journey, and we should, because we are the ones who chose it.

Eventually, we realize that all of the variations of Love signify one thing – we are all children of God, children of our Creator and our Souls are comprised of the great Love that is our Creator. When we accept that belief, what else can we do except love ourselves and those we come in contact with? 

It really is that simple.