Our World – Our Task – Our Goal

The chosen photo for this blog is courtesy of one of my sons who captured the image using his cell phone.

The location was near Edmonton, Alberta on May 12, 2022. We can each find our own truth in what Spirit is showing us through this cloud formation at sunset. I see it as the Rising of the Phoenix, it looks like it is coming from the fires of destruction and rising in all its glory!

From the ashes of destruction the Phoenix shall rise.

There are numerous ways to quote this phenomenon and my opinion of it now at this time on planet earth, is that Spirit is showing us the wings of freedom rising from the ashes of destruction to herald the dawn of the Golden Age – our New World. So this blog is about our world and our responsibility toward reaching that goal of freedom.

What is happening to and in our world?

According to most earthly sources, our world is in chaos. That is true, in many areas of our world despicable and horrific situations are occurring. We are personally experiencing our own unrest and anxiety – at least some people are.

The energies of fear, anger, uncertainty and confusion are widespread and that is largely due to what is presented to us through the television and internet. The mainstream media is dominated by the dark ones and they give us exactly what is needed to keep us subdued by injecting fear in the population.

Deception is used to manipulate the masses and this arrives in various forms such as holograms and staged incidents on the television and online videos. Controlled, deliberate shortages are created in the food, gas and other industries. Many are aware of this truth but feel helpless.

We are anything but helpless!

We are incredibly powerful, we are sovereign Divine Beings and the dark ones are doing their best to make us think we are weak and ineffectual. They are doing their utmost to cause sickness, poverty, and societal separation to make us forget our own truth and power.

Our task in all of this is to remember our truth and stand strong and steady in the Light. Our truth lies in the heart as does our knowing that the most powerful force in creation is love.

It is necessary during this planetary upheaval to use our inner power to separate deception from truth. We need to pay attention to our Self, our inner self, to do the inner work, the karmic clearing and balancing, and the meditations that strengthen our connection to Spirit.

Service to others is high on the list of raising planetary vibrations – when we use our love and compassion to help others, we alleviate much of the stress and suffering.

We can also use meditation to send healing energy to those who are suffering, to those who are and have sacrificed a life of ease to assist in bringing about the much-needed changes. Honour their sacrifice and respect their chosen path.

It truly is a game, not a fun game but more like a huge game of strategy and maneuvering. We are all part of the game, each has their chosen role to bring about our desired and deserved freedom from enslavement. It is not our place to judge anyone or any situation because we do not know all of the rules, nor all of the players.

We do not need to know, we just need to hold the Light for those who cannot or will not, and for those still sleeping. We are gaining, the Light is increasing. Each time we choose love over a negative emotion or action, we increase the Light on the planet. It creates a ripple effect and travels far and wide.

Our goal as a collective is to bring about freedom from the oppression and injustice that has been rampant on earth for centuries.

It is personal and planetary freedom.

It is personal and planetary ascension.

It is a monumental undertaking by all, and although it can be, and most often is difficult, I believe that Spirit is conveying to us via the beautiful cloud formation at sunset, that we are victorious!

We do need to hold the Light for there is still the mopping up to be done, the final attempts of a dying force that we know of as the dark elite are still playing out. Keep strong Lightworkers, stand steady, and hold your Light high for all to see.

May 18, 2022