What is Multidimensionality? Part 1

On November 29, 2021, I wrote and posted a blog on my website titled “Our Multidimensional Self”. I have now decided to expand on that blog with more information. The topic is so broad that I felt it was too much for one blog and video so I have split it up into two parts.

Multidimensionality is quite a mouthful when one verbalizes it, and when that topic is explored in more depth, one finds that it can be quite complex – a multi-faceted subject.

Multi – means many or multiple

Dimension – is a level of consciousness.

The study of the Soul can be fascinating because our Soul is very complex and it is composed of distinct parts. It is about existing in multiple dimensions simultaneously without having conscious awareness of each other, it is about the Ego, it is about splitting our consciousness. 

Wow! Now, how do I explain that?! I will give it a try. 

Humans love labels. We love to give everything and everybody a name. Names can cause confusion because different people use a variety of names to describe a topic or situation. Sometimes, those labels conflict, and thus confusion ensues. 

When reading this blog or listening to the video, it is the responsibility of everyone to find their own truth and to use discernment, and to not get caught up in labels.

I will begin at the beginning – at what I consider The Beginning.

Creator divided Itself into sparks or fragments of Love/Light energy and then sent those fragments of Itself that we know of as Monads, to experience more of Itself in all densities, dimensions and realities. Every fragment of consciousness ( a soul ) is part of the greater whole.

One theory is that each Monad then divided itself into twelve extensions of Souls. Each of these Souls willing to experience density, duality and various realities then sent out it’s own twelve extensions. Our Higher Self is one of those extensions.

Our Higher Self chose to place a small part of its consciousness into a physical body (us) with a life plan, and then stay back and become the director of the great plan. This Being is who we aspire to evolve into from our earthly perspective. She/he is us existing in a higher level of awareness, a higher dimension.

It is important to remember, especially for this blog that the Soul is Consciousness, it is a spark of the One great consciousness – Source Creator. Source is pure Love Light Energy and in our purest form, so are we. We are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience.

We humans, as Soul extensions or consciousness, are living in multiple dimensions or realities at the same time. Therefore we are multidimensional. We are assuming different forms and experiencing different levels of consciousness all at once. On this planet we think in linear terms but in the higher realms there is no time; past, present and future are all happening at the same time, like a circle. 

We are here in the physical where we think in a singular fashion – that we are just the sum of what our five senses can embrace. (Touch, sight, taste, hearing, smell) But we are much more than that, we are more than we can even imagine! 

We can exist on this planet in the physical and hold presence or aspects of Self in many other realities in the physical and the non-physical simultaneously. I will put it another way.

We are many. All are aspects of Self, all experiencing numerous realities and dimensions. Remember, a dimension is not a place to go, it is a level of consciousness. There are many levels of Self, experiencing existence at the same time.

Some of our aspects of Self are existing in a higher dimension, a higher level of consciousness, and there are some aspects who are living in the lower dimensions.  We are all experiencing different levels of consciousness and are in different levels of evolution.

There are times when we “hear” a voice in our head, thoughts that are somehow familiar, yet we think it is someone else. It very well could be one of our Selves communicating telepathically with us, perhaps giving us guidance or maybe just having some fun with us in a loving, teasing manner.

So, to sum it all up –

We all have a higher power we call our Higher Self, who is our director through this lifetime and is the first link from us in our soul hierarchy. 

The next step up the chain is our Soul, who does oversee our journey and guides us as well. 

The last link is the Monad, who is ultimately responsible for our evolution and watches over us. We also have other guides and angels assisting us along our path, so we truly are never alone. We have much love and support always!

There is so much more to who and what we really are than I can put in one blog/video, so in Part 2, we will explore another area of our dimensionality.