As we travel our Path to enlightenment, we encounter many diversions along the way. We face joy, adversity, confusion and occasionally, trauma. We are caught up in various situations that demand our full attention.

Farther along the Path we realize that we have a multitude of choices and our God given Freewill to make those choices. 

We always have choices. That is what creates our reality. 

So then our task is to choose a “Timeline”.

A Timeline is a Path we choose to follow throughout our lifetime. We are not required to stay on that particular pathway, we have the Freewill to choose another path anytime we want to. It is similar to walking along a trail, imagine you are going hiking in unfamiliar territory and suddenly you see a fork in the trail. Which way should you go?  You have the freedom to stay on the present path or change directions. 

In order to move up in consciousness, we must raise our vibration to match the desired Timeline. To move into another Timeline, it is necessary to place our thoughts, feelings and actions in that vibration, that frequency. 

A Timeline is a possibility of a certain occurrence. Whatever goal we focus on changes from a possibility into a certainty just from the power of our thoughts and becomes our newer present direction.

A Timeline is wherever we place our awareness. If we place our awareness on a present Timeline, then that is where we will be, where we will stay, if we choose to focus on the fork in the road and go in that direction then that will become our Timeline. 

Placing our awareness on a certain goal or in a certain direction then becomes our reality and that is where we exist – unless we choose to change directions again and we can do that just by placing our awareness on another, different direction.

A Timeline can be changed by a single soul or by a group effort. An example of this is our current global situation. Because of the work of millions of Lightworkers over the years, Humanity is now on the Timeline of Unity. There are forces on this planet who would like to change the Timeline to their benefit but they cannot do that because Humanity’s desire for peace and harmony has become stronger than the power of the dark ones.

One example of a group effort was the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 when thousands of human beings meditated at the same time for Global Peace. That event coincided with an exceptional alignment of planets in our solar system and the two major events caused a huge shift in vibration on our world. It was indeed a powerful event for us all. 

I would also like to bring your attention to a couple of other Timeline terms. One is “Jumping Timelines”. That phrase simply means moving from one timeline or one direction to another.

Another example of this is; there are times when you have a goal, you see that goal in front of you but it seems nigh impossible to attain. 

Your starting point is where you are now, and there are steps between you and your goal that you must overcome to get where you want to be. In the past you may have had to walk each step at a time – now because of the energies we are being given, if you do the inner work that is required, and raise your vibration to meet the vibrations of the far-away goal, you can “jump” to your goal without doing the steps you first thought were there. It’s an example of manifesting something at a faster rate. 

One more Timeline term I would like to address is, “Collapsing Timelines”. There are Timelines that have been entrenched on our planet for centuries, for thousands of years. They are the Timelines of greed, power, service to self, shame, guilt, oppression and abuse. Many just accept that this is the way of the world and there are others who have sidestepped those Timelines, souls who have learned to think “outside the box”.

Those archaic Timelines are now being dismantled, they are collapsing because we the people are raising our vibration to match a newer, higher vibrating Timeline and in so doing, the old Timelines, the old way of living, thinking and doing are collapsing. We are truly moving into our New Age of freedom from oppression and abuse.