Our Multidimensional Self

Being a Spiritual person has numerous advantages, one of those is the Awakening process. Spiritual awakening is when we shed the Veil of Forgetfulness and come into the realization of who we are and where we came from – we are Galactic Beings inhabiting a human body. That knowledge then opens the door to more knowledge as the quest for full enlightenment continues. 

As I progressed along my own path, I often read or heard the term “the multidimensional self” and thought it was a very interesting group of words but was not quite sure of the true meaning. Eventually I received clarity and decided to share that knowledge with you.

Multi – means many or multiple.

Dimensional – means level of awareness.

Our multidimensional self is the multiple levels of awareness that our consciousness experiences during the lifetime. It can also be described as the Ego or Aspects of Self or multidimensional Self – they are all the same. 

We are more than we can imagine, more than we think or believe we are. There are numerous parts ( aspects or ego ) that make up who and what we really are. These parts are the result of our beliefs, our beliefs are the result of our five senses. Our beliefs are the product of what we acquired through the educational systems, religion, mainstream media, our parents, our society in general.

We have been taught that the leaders of our organizations such as governments, medical providers, schools, churches and other organizations all know more than we do. We have given away our innate power, the power we were born with, the power of who we really are has been buried beneath societal pressure and misinformation.

During the awakening process, our level of consciousness increases and we begin the journey towards the knowledge of our multi-dimensionality. We are accustomed to only using our main ( or most commonly known ) five senses – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch – and these five senses normally create our reality, but when we think “outside the box” we can go much farther, we can expand our consciousness and encompass more dimensions of Self. 

It is truly amazing when we awaken to the truth of our own power, the truth of the many aspects of Self, the many states of awareness that we enjoy. It’s just a matter of stretching ourselves, stretching our imagination to think beyond the usual, beyond the five senses that generally make up our reality. 

We are accustomed to only identify as a singular consciousness on a daily basis, the one where we employ the usual five senses, but we are much more than that. There is another state of consciousness that can be called “multiple consciousness”, the state of having multiple senses of Self within a single awareness. 

Through working towards a higher level of evolution, we have the ability to occupy multiple levels of awareness within a single consciousness – meaning that there’s another consciousness where you can hold more than one soul impulse. This awareness is when we can bi-locate, meaning we can occupy two or more places at once, not in the physical but with our consciousness. 

As our consciousness rises, we become aware of the multi-dimensional Selves within one consciousness – meaning, dimensions within dimensions – become aware of, encompass, hold and occupy multiple dimensions of multiple Selves.

I will try to simplify it this way – with one level of consciousness, you can feel joy and pleasure experiencing a beautiful sunset while at the same time another level of self can be irritated with another person who perhaps showed you disrespect in some area, or you can be thinking of your grocery list, or how to best manage a child who is upset at something. You have the ability to do all of this, to “be” all of this, to be in various dimensions ( levels of awareness ) at the same time.

Another example is; you project your awareness to planning a party while you are driving your vehicle down a busy street. You can stay on your side of the road, stop at the red light, go when it turns green all the while thinking of your upcoming social gathering.

There may be times when you will “hear” that silent voice within your head utter a phrase, a comment that seems foreign to you, and at the same time – familiar. You ask yourself – “was that me or someone else? Is there someone else inside my head? Who is this someone else?” 

You may think, “ who would say that to me” or “ who the dickens is that inside my head?” Well, it is very likely one of your Selves! The awakening process can be and very often does, cause confusion and to offset that – also excitement! There is always balance. 

Someone once said to me, “confusion can be good, it means you are about to grow”. 

So – hang on, enjoy the ride and take what comes your way with joy in your heart!

When you really think about the true ”you” and the many facets of Self, you will realize how wonderful the human body and Soul truly are!