The Road of Adventure

One of my great pleasures in life is to walk and when possible, to walk in the desert. One morning I decided to change my regular route, a decision that led me to an unfamiliar part of the area where I live. I wandered around for awhile, searching for the way to get back home. I discovered that street names can be confusing as there are names like Sunshine Ct, Melody Ln, Whoopie Dr, Stoney Tr and Silver Rd. 
I eventually sorted out all of the Courts, Lanes, Drives, Trails & Roads then saw an opening in the fence and beyond that – the desert! Eureka! I just knew I would find my way home if I took a shortcut through the desert. Not a wise choice. The desert can be a refuge or very challenging and in some cases, both. 
The Sonoran desert is beautiful, it is also a harsh environment complete with shrubs and trees that can inflict a degree of unpleasantness. Most of the desert plants have briars, prickles and slivers, some of which are almost invisible yet very painful when the unwary hiker comes too close to them. My shortcut resulted in acquiring a few of these very sharp slivers attaching themselves to my legs. 
As I continued along the way I encountered more discomfort which included stumbling over rocks, descending into hollows that hid more briars and although I didn’t see any critters I knew they were there from previous treks into the desert. During my adventuresome exploration, I never once doubted that I would find my way home, I knew if I just trusted my “inner self” all would be well – and it was. Eventually I saw familiar territory and soon I was back in my house busy removing tiny slivers and picking sharp needles out of the soles of my walking shoes with a pliers.
There is a positive side to my short story and that is – I had an adventure! There were some confusing moments and some tiny slivers but I did find and explore a new area of my housing development, I did make my way through a part of the desert that I had not seen before with very few scratches, I did focus on my Oversoul and trusted her guidance to show me the way. All in all it was interesting, fun and exhilarating!
Occasionally I like to think of my Road of life as one huge adventure, and a great deal of the time it is. It is for most of us, because very few can “see into the future” to truly know what lies ahead. The unknowing part brings various situations and each situation then becomes an Adventure. The adventure sometimes gives us beauty or briars, leaps of joy or stumbles over hidden obstacles, cause us to laugh with delight or feel like stomping our feet in frustration or even bringing pain, suffering and maybe tears.  My morning experience did not bring tears but I did feel a comparison to the life we live here on Gaia.
My walk = the Road of Life.
My decision to explore = a disciple’s choices. We all have multiple choices every moment of our life because of our God given gift of Freewill. These decisions or choices create our reality.
The unfamiliar territory = the future, not knowing what lies ahead on our road.
My searching for the way home = the path of a Seeker.
My confusion = the confusion of a seeker looking for “signs” from Spirit and sometimes when we do see or receive a sign, we do not always know what it means.
The opening (doorway) in the fence = Doorway in spiritual terms means an opportunity for self-discovery and when we symbolically walk through the opening – meaning when we make use of the opportunity that is presented – we continue to move up the ladder of evolution. The steps we take can lead us to many wonderful and exciting experiences.
My thinking the opening might be a shortcut =  During our walk of Life, shortcuts do not work, shortcuts are never in our highest and best good. We need to take every step, there can be no mis-steps on the path to higher consciousness.
Difficulties, briars & slivers that I encountered = the challenges of a life Path. The many bumps in the road of adventure are often placed before us to teach us a life lesson. Learning is one of the main objectives of an incarnated soul.
Desert beauty & harshness = Life’s joy and beauty vs unknown difficulties.
Trusting my inner self = A disciple trusting her/his Oversoul to guide them Home throughout the “Road of Adventure”.
My lack of doubt on finding my way home and my trust in my higher power = doubt and fear are two of the main detriments to advancing in evolution – trust is one of the best ways.
Even though I wasn’t always sure where I was during my morning walk, I trusted my Oversoul knowing she would guide me safely home to my earthly residence – just as I trust her to guide me safely to my Home in the Heaven Worlds after my Road of Adventure is complete!