The Power of Love and Truth

This past summer I received a short message from the Mother Goddess, Archangel Gaia which made a huge impact on me and I wish to share it with you. 

She said to me: “Accepting Truth requires Purity of Heart and then Freedom flows”. 

At the time it seemed a simple message but later on I realized the impact it had on me, my work and my life. It means everything, all that we need in order to navigate through our Earthly lives. If we just follow these words, everything becomes clear and simple – yet not always easy. 

We are in the midst of a time on Gaia like none other. Chaos is abundant, societal upheaval is happening every day, we are experiencing the destruction of “the old” to make way for “the new” and all are necessary changes for the re-birth, the big push into the New Age, the New Earth. We are all in unfamiliar territory and many are feeling confusion and fear. 

Even though there is so much occurring “behind the scenes” globally, we are bombarded daily by the mainstream media with their major tool – instilling fear, and this is what they are doing regarding the corona virus. It’s called “news” and I find it very sad because this so-called “news” becomes the Truth for so many and they live in fear every day because it has become their truth.

There is a positive side to all of it, there always is. I envision the Human Collective riding a gigantic “wave”, a wave of water on the ocean. (Water – energy). Some are jubilant for they are “far-seers” see-ers and know the Truth. Others are clinging precariously, faces frozen in fear. And there are those who are just “riding the wave” in a matter of fact way, knowing all is well and the end is in sight, they will land on shore safely. 

The Crest of the wave is coming nearer which I see as December 21, 2020 winter Solstice and when we reach the Crest, we will be on the home stretch. We will be propelled into the New Age where we will experience even more wonderful rides on the Tide of Life. We have so much to look forward to and be grateful for. I feel that we need to be strong, stay as positive as we can, hold the Light for those who cannot and remember that The Divine is in charge.

In a channeling from Archangel Michael that I received a few years ago, one statement that he made was, “ Deep within your subconscious mind, lies the truth of who you are and from whence you came”. If we all could just go deep within and remember three things –

Who we are

Where we came from

Why we are here – our life would be so much easier, so much simpler. 

We are Galactic Beings in human form. We came from the Cosmos, our galaxy or another one. The choice to incarnate here at this time was generated from the vibration of Love – Love for Gaia, Love for humanity, Love for each and every Soul in Creation. We are here because we volunteered, we wanted to be here. We are here because we earned that right. Many desired to incarnate on Gaia at this time, we volunteered but we were also chosen. This lifetime is the Big one! The one we sacrificed for, the one we suffered torture and abuse for, the one we trained for! 

After assuming human form in this density, we sometimes forget about Love and Truth. It’s a matter of going back to our Spiritual basics and accepting the Truth of who we are, where we came from and why we are here. Its about remembering our Spirituality, remembering that we chose to be here, that we planned our Journey pre-incarnate for many reasons. We desired to be of service to others, to learn compassion, tolerance and how to love those that we do not understand, to accept another’s path without judgment, clear karmic residue, and to aid in the liberation of Gaia whatever way we are able.

Another gem I would like to share is a Truth I was given by my Star family many years ago. There are times when I, in the midst of a great challenge forget these words, but remembering them brings me back to where I should be mentally and emotionally. Here they are:

I, and only I

Am in charge of and responsible for

My thoughts, words, deeds and emotions

No one else.

It is called

Self Mastery.

Love and  Truth live in complete harmony, one cannot exist without the other. Now is the time to remember this Truth and accept it with a pure loving heart.