The Call of the Soul


Deep within your subconsciousness mind 
lies the truth of who you are and from whence you came.
The shrouding of the Veil thins causing faint stirrings of awakening
and a restlessness begins that the Soul cannot deny.

Echoes of ancient civilizations dance across your consciousness
and distant memories of past lives
on many Planets, Galaxies & Universes, surface.

These memories of rich and varied experiences
open a doorway into the vast unknown
and sets you upon the Path to Enlightenment.

channeled by Bethel
February 21, 2018

When one hears the Call of the Soul there is a choice to explore the urging or disregard it and continue with the earthly lifestyle. When one hears and then heeds that Call and begins the journey to enlightenment, the Life changes and there is no turning back – it is undeniable. There is a hunger, a yearning like none other that compels the soul ever onwards and this is when the disciple becomes a true Seeker and that role dominates the Seeker for the remainder of the incarnation.
It is a pull of such magnitude that it almost feels foreign, it is indescribable, unstoppable and never ending. It is the call of Spirit, the call of Love, the call of Eternity – it is evolution. There is nothing else, everything that has been considered “normal” fades in importance, material items are conveniences, nothing more and no longer hold much value.
At this time the disciple is unaware of the source of the yearning, some believe it is for answers and that is partially true, however the real reason is the yearning for our true Home, our Home in the higher dimensions with our Galactic friends and families and the life we once lived in the Stars. 
The journey then becomes a series of unraveling mysteries, of opening doors and exploring every nook and cranny before moving on to the next door for the delights that can be found therein, forever going forward. It is a magical world of dancing with the Faeries, playing with the Gnomes, laughing with the Sprites, seeing beauty in everything and everyone. The incredible colors of the natural world become more vibrant  and one becomes aware of the glorious design and perfection of Creation.
As the disciple traverses the sometimes challenging path to enlightenment, adjustments occur in all four bodies. Some of the early indicators of these adjustments in the physical body are: a change in appetite, foods like meat, dairy, eggs, highly processed foods can cause digestive discomfort and there is an aversion to those that were once desired, alcoholic drinks often cannot be tolerated. Fruits and vegetables and many plant-based foods replace the highly processed ones – healthier foods are craved. A disciple may lose or gain weight, sleeplessness or the desire for more sleep may happen. Excess noise can cause major discomfort in some people.
The emotional body also undergoes massive shifts: interests change, people that were once considered good friends no longer resonate energetically, relationships can fall by the wayside, job changes often occur. A goal to balance the masculine and/or feminine gender becomes important.
The pineal gland begins to awaken as the shrouding of the Veil lifts: psychic abilities surface, dreams may be more vivid, paranormal experiences are presented to the disciple, the intuition grows stronger, messages from the higher dimensions come more often and with greater clarity. Images of spirits may be seen either with the physical eyes or with the “third eye”, the pineal gland. 
The disciple seeks out groups of like-minded people and will often attend various classes looking for answers. An interest in natural healing surfaces, and these areas of health care are often utilized instead of relying solely on medical workers and pharmaceuticals. The urge to become a Practitioner in the Healing modalities such as Meditation, Massage, Reiki and Tapping to name a few, may arise.  “New Age” stores pique the interest and all of the treasures within those stores such as; crystals, candles, incense, meditation music, essential oils etc. are explored. The Language of the Stars, known as Light Language may present itself. Massive lifestyle changes abound!
During the early part of the journey, the disciple seeks the outer world for answers and soul nourishment, later on when the level of consciousness rises, they begin to realize that their real Truth lies within. This is when they become aware of their Oversoul and then strive to make, keep and strengthen that Blessed connection as they realize that the way Home is through their Divine Self.
It is at this point in the writing that I wish to include an excerpt from the song “Whispering Hope” – author is Septimus Winner who wrote the song under the pseudonym of Alice Hawthorne (1827 – 1902).
“Soft as the voice of an angel
Breathing a lesson unheard
Hope with a gentle persuasion
Whispers her comforting word”
This describes the loving guidance and support each and every one of us is gifted with from our Oversoul as she/he guides us throughout our lifestream. The guidance from an Oversoul can take various forms and sometimes that is a soft gentle loving whisper as they urge us gradually along our chosen Path.
As progress continues upward in consciousness, the disciple remembers who they are, where they came from and why they are an inhabitant of Gaia. An understanding of more advanced concepts develops and the disciple views the world, solar system, galaxy and Universe from a different perspective – a sense of freedom prevails. Acceptance of Self and others enhances the sense of freedom – peace follows. Blessed Peace. 
The sacred journey of a soul is a gradual process, it is akin to a flower unfolding, it cannot be forced. One step at a time, none can be omitted. The soul experiences transmutation, transformation then – Re-birth on the ladder to Ascension.