The Bigger Picture

The phrase “The Bigger Picture” means being able to look beyond the obvious, it means taking a step back and seeing the situation from an objective point of view. Details of circumstances are important, but when the focus is on the details and not on the end result, then the goal becomes unclear.

What is the source of the global pandemic, this widespread unrest? The source is our Plan, the intention of countless of souls who chose this situation pre-incarnate to bring about great change here. While in the higher dimensions we knew for millions of years that the present chaos would happen in this year of Gaia-time 2019-2020, and we volunteered to be part of it all. Everything that is happening now, in this lifetime is what we chose, it is how we decided to implement the changes that are necessary for the survival of this planet and humanity.

The abuse, manipulation, oppression and destruction of Gaia started long, long ago. Many if not all of us had a part in that, many were witness to the Great Galactic Wars billions of years ago that almost destroyed this planet, several of us wore a “dark hat” in various lifetimes and sometimes we were the oppressor. This is the lifetime when we have the opportunity to be the agent of change, to make up for our past, to clear that karma, to attain our freedom and the liberation of Gaia.

A complete astrological cycle is approximately 26,000 years, containing within it different “Ages”. Our planet just completed such a cycle at the end of the Mayan calendar known to us as December 2012. The end of an astrological cycle is a very powerful time for a planet, Gaia chose to complete Her cycle by transitioning to a higher dimension – from the third to the fifth – known as Ascension. When this happens, a planet will go through a great cleansing and clearing, like a detoxification.  

A planet usually cleanses itself through cataclysmic events, geophysical changes affecting oceans, land, and air. When the cleansing is over, often very little of the old world remains making way for the new, a fresh beginning. Gaia opted for a different method of cleansing, a kinder, gentler method by taming down the geophysical events such as earthquakes, typhoons and tsunamis. She chose to ascend with her inhabitants because of her great love for every sentient Being living here. 

In this way humanity could also play a part in the ascension process by raising their own vibration to the ascension level of the 5th dimension which in turn raises the vibration of Gaia assisting in her clearing process. If Gaia had gone through the usual planetary cleansing, humanity and the various kingdoms upon her body would have endured much suffering, there would have been tremendous destruction worldwide. 

We are still feeling the remnants of the previous Age, the Age of Pisces and are into the Age of Aquarius. An Age doesn’t end on one day and begin the next, they overlap by hundreds of years and that is why we are still feeling some of the Pisces energies. The Age of Pisces is referred to a vertical structure of hierarchy and power, and that is what has been the situation on Gaia for a few thousand years under a Patriarchal society. 

We also are in the energies of the New Age, the Age of Aquarius which is referred to as horizontal, open, an Age of networks, information and a rise in Consciousness. That is exactly what is happening on our world now and will continue to ensue over the next few hundred years. It is known as The Golden Age.

Since we are still experiencing the residue of the Age of Pisces and feeling the newness of the Age of Aquarius, which are very different energetically, confusion, disorder and global unrest are present and has been for a long time. We as a planet and as a species are undergoing massive change and it isn’t always easy or a thing of beauty. We do have choices, we can live in Light and Love, ride it out, celebrate our victories, utilize the opportunity for growth or we can feel negative. 

There are those who feel like a victim, no one here is a victim because we are responsible for the present situation. We desired change and change is happening. The very constructs of our society was built on a weak foundation, it cannot sustain itself any longer. Our society must undergo extensive transformation and that requires monumental change which is a lengthy, complicated task. Transformation is a painful, sometimes messy process and will continue to be until it is completed. Associations and institutions such as financial, religious, industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, farming, education, and more all need to be reformed.

The dark forces have a plan of their own and it is multi-faceted. They wish to derail the Ascension process and one way to get the attention of people worldwide, one way to create massive fear is through a global pandemic. It’s here and we have to cope with it. Physical death is a part of it for some souls, many chose to exit at this time using the pandemic as their way to “go Home”. Some of those souls succumbed to fear and anxiety, more than to the actual coronavirus. The result was still the same, death of the physical body.

The controllers/abusers of humankind wish to create one world government with them in charge, their intention is to reduce population to make it easier to control through the creation of a vaccine containing a whole lot of nasty ingredients which will cause more death.

We have the ability to make good use of this great Pause in our lives, we can take this time of global unrest to reflect on our lives, the way we see others, the way we see ourselves, it is a time to think about the way we live and how we can change what no longer works for us. It is a time to remember why we really came here – to Ascend as a Collective, and that requires generating a mentality of Oneness for all, group consciousness, a time to think about what is important is life, what we want our New World to look like.

We are receiving extensive amounts of assistance from the higher Realms in various ways, raising the vibration of everyone. It will lift everything to a more preferable state of being. Raising our vibration, increasing our Light Bodies through meditation, acknowledging that we are Galactic Beings in Human form are critical to the Ascension process. When we can come together in unity, co-operation, compassion for and acceptance of others, that is the doorway to freedom.