This blog post is an explanation of a Spiritual Timeline, what it is and how to use Timelines to attain a higher level of consciousness. Knowledge is power and those on the ascending Path are continually seeking more and more information that results in more knowledge and thus more spiritual power.

There are various ways to describe Timelines, here are a few.

  1. A Timeline is a Pathway you choose to follow in your life. However, throughout your life you always have the freedom to change Timelines whenever you choose.
  2. A Timeline is wherever we place our awareness. 

    3.  It is the possibility of a certain occurrence.

There are different Timelines that have different outcomes, for example: there can be a number of Souls that can agree on a certain Timeline, however, the Timeline depends on the consciousness that you need to possess in order to operate on that Timeline. It can be explained this way – the Earth is now on a Timeline of the New Age. It has taken hundreds of years and a terrific amount of effort to get here. 

The Lightworkers who have incarnated here, have because of their conscious match with the Timeline of the New Age of Brotherhood and Unity, pulled the Earth onto that Timeline. The dark ones who have what is called “looking glass” technology ( meaning they have a technology that allows them to see the future ) have been trying to pull Humanity to the Timeline where they will be the victors. They cannot do that now because Humanity is on that New Age – Unity – Brotherhood Timeline.

Another example is:

The focus of many souls to accomplish a certain goal which in our case is the complete breakdown and destruction of the upper echelon of a power hungry, greedy, corrupt society. As I stated in the last blog post, ( What Has Happened to Our Power? ) the foundation of our society has been that of abuse, corruption & greed therefore it cannot last, cannot continue, the old paradigms must collapse and be replaced by those of the higher vibrations. 

Some people may ask if it’s possible to change a Timeline. The answer is Yes. If you consider a Timeline as a Pathway, it is similar to walking along a trail. The trail that you are currently walking on represents your present Timeline. At any time, a fork might appear along the trail. When you reach that point, you have the choice: continue to follow the present path or change directions. You do that by consciously increasing your vibration to follow a newer, higher, Pathway.

There is a phrase called “jumping Timelines”. That simply means you move from one direction, path or timeline to another. However, you must have the consciousness of that Timeline to operate on it.

Or perhaps, someone places the opportunity for you to follow a new path, you chose to “jump” that suggestion and choose your own.

There is a connection between consciousness and Timelines. Your level of consciousness  depends upon which Timeline you choose to follow. In order to rise in consciousness, one always must choose a higher vibratory Timeline.