What Has Happened To Our Power?  

Recently after reading some articles, I thought about Humanity and our innate Power. I wondered what has happened to it, where did it go? Then I realized where it went – we gave it away!

To whom did we give it? Why did we give it? When did we give it? These questions brought a lot of unsettling thoughts to my mind, thoughts that I wasn’t comfortable with. After a great deal of consideration, meditation and truth seeking, I came up with the following.

Our world is in chaos. That is a truth. The chaos is necessary in order for society to self-destruct because our society is built on a weak foundation. The massive abuse of power and greed from those who thrive on negative energies is the present basis for our societal foundation, therefore it is not sustainable. As a collective, we need to create a society that has a strong foundation built on Love and Truth.

Change is desperately needed and the present chaos is the implement we as a collective chose in order to bring about those changes. When we made the choice to be here at this time as an incarnated soul, we knew we, as powerful creator Beings, could assist in the liberation of our beautiful planet Gaia. So we came in droves.

Now that we have arrived at this time in eternity we are faced with the very reality that we have created through our thoughts, words and deeds. The Chaos – aka – the Corona virus. It  is a reality that we are existing in and we are constantly being inundated with negative – and oft times – false information about deaths, vaccines, those who rally against either the vaccinated ones or the unvaccinated ones. We are so busy judging others and absorbing the fear energy that is prevalent throughout the globe, that we don’t have much time for clear thinking.

We’ve been told over and over again, how desperate the health system situation is, how full the hospitals are, in our local newspaper we read letters of wrath against one group or another. We hear tales of forced vaccinations and loss of freedom in certain areas in certain countries, whether it be suppression of women in Afghanistan or loss of employment by those refusing the vaccine in Canada.

What has really happened to our freedom and our power? 

We are so conditioned to being told what to do by those in control that we have lost the ability to think and act for ourselves.

There is a dark force existing on our planet that do not want us to ascend as a collective and they are doing whatever they can to sabotage that most important event. Inflicting fear is their greatest tool and very effective. The dark ones have infiltrated every aspect of our lives, they exist in all of the top organizations in our world. Since they are in positions of power, they have a great deal of control over our lives. 

We gave away our power because of our ingrained belief system that the governments, churches, industry, educational system, medical and pharmaceutical systems, banks, heads of corporations, agriculture, laboratories, entertainment industry, the news media and others in powerful positions, all know more than we do.

We have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten where we came from. Our Souls are all sparks, fragments of Source Energy. We do have power but we have limited ourselves through our acquired belief systems. We have been taught by the controllers for millions of years that we don’t have any power because that belief is in their best interests. They don’t want us to remember our origins or  the truth of who we are so they abuse and suppress us and we have allowed it.

Everything in existence is energy. Prime Creator is energy. Think of it this way. Consider an ocean, it is comprised of water molecules. If you take a bucket of water from the ocean, the water in the bucket contains the same molecules that the ocean is made of, only in a smaller amount. The ocean is Source energy, we are the drops of water in the bucket. Our soul is a spark of Source therefore we have everything in our Soul that is God.

We are powerful creator Beings, we have the ability to create our own reality. Our thoughts, words and deeds are energy so wherever we place our focus is what we create. If we sit in front of the TV and absorb the negative energy from that medium, then we focus on fear and negativity and that is what we attract into our lives, that is the world we create for ourselves and very often for others.

If we desire peace, love and happiness then that is what we need to focus on, that is the energy we need to send out to the Universe and that is the energy we will attract. It is the Law of Attraction. By showing love, compassion, understanding and acceptance to others we are doing our part in creating Unity consciousness which is the road to extensive change, planetary liberation and ultimately, to evolutionary advancement.