There have been numerous wars on our world over time but by far the most significant is The Psychic War that has been ongoing for Eons. It is a war between the Dark Forces and the Light Forces and is a battle for the hearts and minds of Humanity. It is not a war that affects just our planet, it encompasses this planet, our Solar System, Galaxy, Universe and beyond.

Long, long ago the Great Galactic Wars were fought for the purpose of power and greed. The weapons used were highly sophisticated, technologically advanced, caused destruction to many planets and throughout it all, numerous lives were lost. 

Because of the planetary destruction and loss of life, Spirit decreed that these wars were to cease so the dark ones changed their strategy and instead of using advanced technological weaponry, they resorted to using psychism, mostly mind control and they were and are experts at it. 

It all began with a group of ETs and when our very own planet became their target they involved humans to do much of their nefarious deeds here on Earth. We know them as the Cabal or Illuminate.

The abuse we suffer from the dark forces is occurring in the 3rd to 5th dimensions and affects all four of our bodies, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. It is the mechanism that has been utilized to control, oppress and exploit humanity for about a billion years. Their ways are varied and plentiful – a few of them are:

Patriarchy – Our world has been under the control of the patriarchy, which is the suppression and oppression of the Divine Feminine. That is changing now to become more balanced.

Mainstream Media – Humanity has been and still is being manipulated through the media, the so-called “news”. This method is very effective and has left most of the public misinformed and in fear.

Fear  – Fear affects every aspect of our lives, all four bodies. Fear depresses our immune system, causing us to be more susceptible to disease. Fear interferes with our ability to reach out to Spirit and that interference impedes our evolutionary advancement.

Religion – Religion is one of their greatest tools. It can cause country and familial separation, warfare, and over time, install an ingrained belief system of guilt, judgement, unworthiness and fear. All of these negative beliefs are destructive to spiritual growth. That is why they are used.

Chemicals – We are bombarded with chemicals, they are in our air, food, water and pharmaceuticals. We are being poisoned through these chemicals and have been for hundreds of years. The meat we eat is often laden with antibiotics, hormones & steroids. Our fruits and vegetables can be full of pesticides & insecticides. We ingest glysophate on a regular basis and have been since the early 1960’s. This is no accident. Glysophate corrupts the human DNA and it is through our DNA that our bodies are changing from carbon based to crystalline. The crystalline body is Light and thus impervious to the damage that the dark ones enforce upon us.

Alcohol & drug abuse – These two are inflicted upon the population through advertising and subliminal advertising, movies, songs, chemical laden cigarettes, and can begin most innocently through the medical community in the form of pharmaceuticals – as in pain depressors such as morphine or sleep inducing drugs. There are many more addictive drugs that many people take on a regular basis and that are prescribed by a doctor.

Telepathy – A form of abuse that goes along with mind control. The dark brothers and sisters know our strengths and our weaknesses and they manipulate both. They undermine our strengths and they magnify and prey upon our weaknesses. 

Mind infiltration is prevalent and very effective. If an incarnated soul has low self esteem in any area such as self confidence or if they are unhappy with their body, those beliefs and emotions are amplified through thought control.

A huge issue are credit cards. The dark ones target our desire for material items, so we have credit cards, no money required, just debt. They impose massive interest and numerous families cannot follow through with payment which can cause stress, anxiety, uncontrolled gambling, marriage breakups and even suicide.

Fatigue, depression, general unhappiness and fear ensues and that cements the agenda of the dark ones.  The way we can overcome their manipulations is through Self-Love. The more we learn to love ourselves and the more we reach out to Spirit the more we destroy those negative vibrations!

The Light Forces have not been idle, they always have been very active in assisting humanity or any other species within the guidelines of Universal Law. They are always with us, we are not walking this path alone. For example, about 3 years ago they installed an energy field around our Solar System. This was done to keep any and all malevolent forces out and to make sure the ones in the Solar System stayed here so that they could be held accountable for their numerous misdeeds. The dark ones always have a choice to return to the Light, no soul is ever denied that opportunity.

They assist in a variety of ways, most prevalent is through bathing us in loving, healing, rejuvenating doses of Energy which originates from Source and comes to us via the Photon Belt, Solar Flares, various portals and gateways. This loving energy uplifts and supports the heart as well as the DNA and enables us to cope more easily with the negativity we are experiencing from the dark ones. 

When we keep our vibration high, when we walk in the Light and live in Love, we defeat the intentions and deeds of the dark ones, their manipulations cannot exist in the higher vibrations so it is a win win situation for us. Change – massive change is very much needed here on planet Earth and when we operate from the higher vibrations, we then bring purity to the required changes. 

Love, compassion, understanding and acceptance of another’s Journey, works magic, overcomes the perceived insurmountable challenges and keep us steady on the road to Enlightenment.