The Ring Pass Not

Those Souls on the Spiritual path of consciously searching the vast Unknown, also known as the metaphysical and the paranormal, are constantly striving to attain spiritual growth and move on up the ladder of evolution. There are lessons to learn along the way that are required, in order for the growth to happen.

The lessons are not always easy and that can be due to a force in our lives called the “Ring Pass Not”. We all have a Ring Pass Not, it is there to ensure that we learn and experience everything that is included in our life plan, everything that we chose to learn and experience before we can advance to a higher level of consciousness. All of those situations are directed by our Higher Self and no step can be missed.

Incarnation and evolution are both a process – a step by step process and in order to proceed to the next step, cycle or phase, we must first complete the one we are presently occupying.

It is similar to a room, an area, a field that cannot be passed through until we have overcome/learned all that is in the room. When that is accomplished, we are allowed to open a new door and explore a new room, then another and another. We all have self-imposed limitations such as old beliefs, attitudes, fears, ego, lack of confidence and past life trauma that can and often do, hold us back.

We cannot earn the right to gain more experiences until we have released and overcome the limitations in our present “circle, ring or area”. Karma plays a big part of our Ring Pass Not – if our soul agreement was to clear such Karma, then that is what we must do. If we choose truth, compassion, love and acceptance in each situation we encounter then our journey becomes much smoother.

Each soul has her or his own journey and lessons, so each one’s Ring Pass Not is different. Existing on a planet of duality creates more effort to accomplish our chosen goals in life, but it is worth it.