Karma is one of the most misunderstood words or situations that disciples encounter on their Spiritual Journey. 

There is no “good” or “bad” Karma. Karma is simply an action. An energy generated by freewill action through thoughts, words or deeds. 

It is a perfect example of the Universal Law of Cause & Effect. The action ( the cause ) creates the consequences ( the effect ). 

We are all responsible for our thoughts, words and deeds, no one else. 

Does Karma have to be balanced? The answer is No. There is no requirement by anyone to balance Karma, it is a soul choice. The other side of the statement is that negative energy created and left unfinished or unbalanced will hinder our evolutionary progress. Knowing this truth usually prods the aspirant to balance past or present karmic energy.

When an energy has been created on a particular planet or in a particular incarnation, it must be balanced on the planet where it originated. It cannot be balanced in the higher dimensions. This lifetime is the one that many souls have chosen to complete all past and present Karma because Gaia and humanity as a collective have chosen to ascend together.

Ascension in the physical means reaching a 5th dimensional level of awareness, a soul cannot come into that level of consciousness while holding onto unfinished karma. 

The decision to balance Karma or not, is included in the earth life-plan. After incarnating, the process is directed by the High Self and carried out by the disciple. All past and present life experiences foster the ascension, meaning these experiences add to and enable the incarnate to reach ascension. 

It is not a complicated process, however, it can be and very often is difficult. In order to balance Karma, one must have the desire to do so and then go forward with a pure heart. It’s about self love, self forgiveness, love and forgiving another soul and accepting the path of that soul.

If the disciple transitions home to the higher realms without completing their Karma, it can be cleared up and balanced in another incarnation. Our Soul is eternal so we do have eternity to accomplish any goal we set forth for ourselves.