The Kundalini   

The Kundalini is an equal balance of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energies. There is great mystery and curiosity around this energy because of the power contained within it. It is the ultimate life force.

Kundalini, in the language of Sanskrit means “coiled one” and is most often portrayed as a snake figure. It is latent energy located at the base of the spine in all humans and lies dormant until it is time to awaken which is determined by the High Self.

When activated, it flows or undulates from the base of the spine in a serpent-like motion on an upward trajectory towards the Crown chakra. As the kundalini energy moves upwards, it goes through all chakras, giving each an upgrade which then causes them to become more stabilized and efficient. When the chakras work more efficiently, pain and dis-ease diminish which gives the aspirant more freedom to pursue the metaphysical world and that can result in consciousness expansion.

The Higher Self will direct his/her aspirant as they see fit, guidance will be there for each one that is actively working towards spiritual awareness. As with all spiritual work, the task of the seeker is to tune in to the guidance that is so readily available. 

When curiosity develops regarding the kundalini, this means that it is already activated and ready to start the upward passage through the body. It will rise through the natural unfoldment of consciousness advancement. Meditation, connecting with Spirit and other spiritual practices such as yoga and chanting mantras, will aid in the flow of energy. The completion of the kundalini rising can take a variety of lifetimes, or just one lifetime, it depends on the soul choice.

There are souls who desire to force the activation and upward motion through artificial means. Although this can be successful in some situations, it is not recommended in the higher dimensions. If it is forced through artificial means, it will not necessarily stay risen and that is because of the level of consciousness.

If induced, it will only rise short of the heart chakra, but usually stays in the root area. This is because forcing the kundalini is instigated by the dark ones and if an aspiring disciple takes that road, then there must be healing and inner work carried out to correct the mis-step.

The ultimate goal of the rising of the kundalini is to reach the Crown chakra and once there, a merging takes place between these two mighty forces and something is born within the individual – much like a child being born. It’s akin to a new Being born within. 

When it reaches the Crown, it continues to rise and ultimately connects one to their Divinity. Once the kundalini is active and risen to the Crown, it remains active throughout the physical body, circulating up and down through the chakras and the auric field as long as the disciple continues to follow the path to enlightenment.

This beautiful and profound action of kundalini awakening has various effects on all four bodies which include enhanced creativity, higher level of consciousness, and a greater connection with the Universe and Cosmic consciousness. The potential for spiritual advancement is huge and this is why so many disciples are interested in the kundalini.