Coping through the Chaos

This is the title of a meeting that I hosted on May 16, 2021 through my Meetup site. Due to some technical difficulties, there were some members who were unable to access the meeting online so this blog is a summary of that meeting for those people and for anyone else who is interested in this topic.

The meeting was about simplicity, the simplicity of Love and Truth. The truth is that we create our own reality nanosecond by nanosecond through our personal choices in our everyday life. The Global Reality is created by the thoughts, words, deeds and emotions of the Collective Consciousness. Us.

Why are we in our present global situation? 

Who is responsible?

How and why did all of this chaos and tumult begin?

The reason is that we as a collective in co-creation with the the Mother Goddess, Archangel Gaia, chose this way to achieve human and planetary liberation. It is all part of a great plan and we are a huge part of that plan. The intention was and still is to benefit souls on their evolutionary path. 

The Earth goes through cycles just as we do, only her cycles are of greater duration. She goes through a cleansing and readjustment approximately once every 26,000 years. The last one was during the time of Atlantis and Lemuria and that cleansing involved the destruction and sinking of both of those huge continents. 

Now it is once again time for the great cleansing to occur only this time Gaia chose to go through it in a kinder more gentle manner. To do otherwise would have brought massive devastation to the planet and possibly, annihilation to humanity. The planet would have survived – Humanity very likely would not have. Gaia is an Archangel incarnate and chose to ascend alongside humanity, taking humanity with her to the 5th dimension. Everything is progressing just as it should – how could it be otherwise? The Divine is in charge.

As I have stated in a number of previous blogs (and here it is again), extensive change must occur before we are able to completely ascend. The changes are now taking place, the old is being torn down to make way for the New Earth. The global situation with the current pandemic is one way those great changes are being implemented.

The covid19 virus is the consciousness of the collective. We, through our thoughts, words, deeds and emotions over time created our world. Our hearts and minds generate the energy of each situation and that is how we can change it. Our hearts must connect with our minds and change will and is happening.

What can we do about all of the chaos? 

We need to put our attention on that which we want to become part of. It can be called “mass co-creation”, we have the power within us, it all depends on where we put our focus, where we put our energy as a collective.

Our planet began as a 5th dimensional planet and when humanity fell in consciousness due to abuse, Gaia chose to fall with them to the 3rd. We are clawing our way back to the 5th and humanity as a whole have reached high 4th and are brushing the 5th. Our work is not yet finished, there is more to do. There are still some 3rd dimensional beings living here and certainly some 3rd dimensional situations. The key is to recognize that truth. Since we are incarnated here, we have to live in the 3D sometimes, but we do NOT have to BE it. We can be in the 3D but not OF it.

The way we do this is by keeping our frequency high. We accomplish it by:

Replacing fear with Love and Truth.

Replacing anger with understanding and compassion.

Replacing judgment of self and others with acceptance.

It’s important to remember the Truth, the truth of why we are here, each has their own reason. No one forced us to be here and take on human form. It was our choice so we are the ones responsible. We all play a role, one is not better or worse than the other, none is good or bad as we see things from our linear point of view. Through our struggles, our immense challenges over eons, we have benefited greatly, we have been able to attain much evolutionary growth throughout all of our lifetimes here on Gaia.

Our society was built on power and greed and therefore cannot sustain itself. We cannot continue on a weak foundation. It must change. And it is.

When we feel helpless and confused, hold the Light for that is our greatest power. It is our main task now in order to assist in bringing this great plan to fruition. 

I am sharing a Mantra that I learned from a wonderful Lightworker by the name of Blossom Goodchild. She channeled the Mantra from the Galactic Federation of Light and Love. Here it is:

I AM the Light

I AM the Love

I AM the Truth