Our Crystalline Body

Would the Mother Goddess create a new Human, a perfect human body, with the predisposition for rapid spiritual enlightenment and then just allow that perfect body to be genetically corrupted? The answer is “No”. She would not allow that to happen. Everything that is, has and will happen is all by Divine Plan. There was a built in backup system and that backup is the crystalline body. The implementation of the backup system is under the guidance of the Mother, Archangel Gaia, the Being that is the consciousness of our planet.

The existing situation on this planet regarding the covid19 pandemic and the ensuing vaccine, the supposed “cure” was known long ago in the higher dimensions, we as souls knew what was in our future before we chose to come here. Due to the necessity of the Veil of Forgetfulness, we have forgotten but many are coming into their awareness and waking up to the truth. 

The purpose of the manipulation of a perfectly normal virus within the human body was to have an excuse to create a “cure” in the form of a vaccine. The purpose of the vaccine was to kill a portion of humanity for population control and to genetically corrupt the DNA of those surviving the poison of the vaccine. Through Divine will, this was not permitted to happen. The severity of the vaccine has been modified so it cannot cause the damage that was initially intended by those that created it. However, it still contains a whole lot of vile ingredients that can make us sick. There are those with underlying health issues who will exit the planet at this time by way of the vaccine and that is their soul choice.

This is how the backup plan unfolded: 

It all began the moment the great Plan came into being eons ago, but for this writing I will start at the beginning of the 20th century. That was when Gaia put out her clarion call for help because this planet and humanity were on the brink of destruction due to the abuse that occurred over millions of years to the planet itself and to humanity. 

Archangel Gaia has incarnated many times for millions of years, working to raise the vibration of Earth. As a soul in the higher dimensions she has freewill as does any soul. Using her freewill she has chosen to become an inhabitant of Earth to work side by side with Humanity toward the common goal of complete liberation from the dark forces. Through her many incarnations, Archangel Gaia has anchored the Goddess energies into the very heart of the planet, those love energies have encompassed and enclosed planet Earth creating great change and will continue to do so. 

Countless souls answered Archangel Gaia’s call for help by incarnating as starseeds again and again and for these souls, it was and is a win win situation. It works two ways, we as starseeds help uplift the energy of Gaia and in so doing, we are able to achieve much forward progress in evolution.

When the new human was created there were activation codes built within our DNA as a major part of the backup plan. These crucial codes are being activated at precisely the right time and it is an ongoing process. We are still receiving some of those activation codes at this time. They are so important because those activations are largely responsible for the great many people who are in the process of “waking up” now, waking up to the truth of who we really are and where we came from.

The design of the new human body is – as we evolve and raise our level of consciousness our DNA changes from carbon based to crystalline. The crystalline body is impervious to genetic corruption. We in truth are masters of our own destiny, we have the freewill and the ability to actually change our DNA. This is accomplished through our desire and willingness to connect with Spirit. By reaching out and making that energetic connection we raise our vibration thus increasing the Light within us. The Light is the crystalline, the more Light we embrace and hold, the more our DNA changes to crystalline and the Light is immune to disease, to noxious chemicals in our air, food, water and anything else in our environment that can corrupt our DNA.

We have been propped up from those the higher dimensions as well, from the Divine, from the Galactic Federation and the Angelic Realm. We have received aid from the Divine in the form of huge influxes of energy from the Great Central Sun, Alcyone, which is filtered through our own sun, Sol then sent on to us as solar flares. We are also receiving Photonic energy from the Photon Belt, Porlana C energy from the Galactic Federation as well as guidance and support from them and the Angelic Realm. This is just a summary of the extensive amount of help we really do receive. It all works to further enhance the crystalline body.

In the early 1920’s, millions of souls chose to come here to help Gaia, they were known as the Indigo children. They were given this name because of their distinct indigo aura which corresponds to the 6th chakra, the chakra of intuition, vision, clarity, truth and that of a spiritual defender. 

This era was called the “roaring 20’s”. It was around the time the first world war ended and people were ready for something new, something exciting, something different. In the unconscious mind, they knew it was a special time and realized that change was needed. That was not a conscious knowing until almost a century later. Now. There are still Indigo children alive today and they are continuing their effort towards liberation. They were and are known as the Wayshowers, clearing the way for those who incarnated after them.

Next came the Rainbow children, arriving about the 1950’s. They came in with an upgraded chakra system which is aligned with all of the Light frequencies, all the colours of the rainbow – thus the Rainbow children. They are the Gamechangers, non-conformists, not normally following the status quo, they prepare their own way. In the 1960’s they were recognized as the “Flower Children” or “hippies”. They are idealists and advocates of love and peace. They became known as “the founders of change” touting their own rules and forging new roads for those that would follow.

At the beginning of the new millennium (early 2000’s) the Crystal children arrived and graced us with their gentleness, their loving ways and their intense desire for peace. They are here for the express purpose to make this world a better place. They are the peacemakers, they are very spiritual and here to bring love, light and joy to those around them.

Each new group of souls have brought with them many spiritual gifts and have made their own imprint on the planet and on others. As the incarnated disciple works to move forward in evolution through love and the desire for peace, they contribute to and support the advancement of the crystalline body.

The group that will incarnate next are called The Diamond children, so named for the attributes they will come in with. They will have the strength and endurance to hold the consistency of the Truth. The world will need the Diamond children for they will be the ones who will be able to hold and sustain all that was accomplished by so many before their arrival. They will solidify the changes that are coming and they will sparkle and shine as brightly as the diamond that they are named after.

With love