The Three States of Mind

Human beings have within their physical bodies, three states of mind. The superconscious mind, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. 

The superconscious mind is our Higher Self and she/he has access to our conscious mind and our subconscious mind. The pathway from the conscious mind to the superconscious mind is only accessible through the heart, through the love and desire to make that connection.

The conscious mind is like a computer, it is only as smart as the data, (aka the information) that is programmed into it. Our conscious mind has access to the superconscious but does not have full access to the subconscious mind.

There is a relationship between the conscious and the subconscious mind, the subconscious can express itself through the conscious mind but that is just the surface area. There are deep, deep areas of the subconscious that the conscious mind is not prepared to contemplate and the High Self must be present for that to happen.

We have tools available that can be utilized to attain this access, some of which are hypnosis and various healing techniques such as Reiki or Tapping. If the High Self deems the time is right and/or if it is included in our Soul agreement for that access to happen, then he/she will allow it.

The subconscious mind is a storage place, like a basement, it holds “stuff”, in this case – information. The subconscious mind does not have access to the conscious nor the superconscious mind. Stored within the subconscious mind lies the truth, the truth of who we really are – Galactic Beings wearing a human vessel. Also stored in the subconsciousness are our memories of Home, memories of where we really came from, memories of past lives and all of the realities we have experienced on our various journeys through countless lives.

When we experience trauma or negativity in a lifetime, and the hurt is great, we tuck it away in the subconsciousness because it hurts too much to keep it in our conscious mind where we can easily access it at any time. And there it sits deeply buried and waits to be released. 

The subconscious mind is also used by the superconsciousness to store information where that too sits and waits for just the right time to be brought forward by the High Self and utilized. When we are ready, he/she will present that information to the conscious mind for us to use. Our paths are guided with precision and no mistakes are ever made, our Higher Self is the Divine director of our pre-planned great drama of life.

Our Higher Self also watches and waits for the right time to allow us to clear any deep seated, buried hurts and negativity of present or past life trauma that is stored in the subconscious. When we have reached a particular phase of our life path determined by the High Self, she/he will bring that negative energy up for clearing and she/he will assist in that process. 

The past life memories that we buried are stored in the cells of our bodies for us to work with in the present, guided by the High Self. It is like Karma, if it has happened here in the past or the present, then it must be dealt with here, it cannot be cleared in any other reality. It is our own Karmic energy which we generated with Self. Since we are unable to access the subconscious mind we need the High Self for that. This is not the only reason to connect with our greater power, but it is a very important part of our evolution to do so. 

Clearing stored negative energy is a soul choice, there is no judgement meted out nor any rush to do anything, all we really have to do is just “Be”. Every soul has a different path each incarnation and there are no requirements, we all have the gift of Freewill. Since we are eternal Beings and have eternity to work on our spiritual progress we are free to evolve as we choose.