Message from the Mother Goddess

Greetings to each and every one of you. This message is a message of Love, a message of Hope a message of Truth. A message to help you understand the meaning of life as you know it on this planet at this time. It is known in the higher dimensions as a time of revelation, a time of re-adjustment, a time cleansing, a time of renewal, re-growth and re-birth. 

We greet you with such great Joy and celebration for your freedom is at hand. You have suffered mightily and in that process of suffering you have grown exponentially, you have shown your true colours, you have shown the planet, the rest of humanity, the galaxy and yes, the universe, that you are strong. You have shown everyone that you can do it – you have done it! You have brought about change, much needed change, you have worked for the life you deserve and the life you desire and it is here for you. Your time of enslavement is almost at an end. And we want you to know how proud we are of all of you, how much we applaud you, and how happy we are for you.

Yes there are a few blimps and bumps ahead, they are minor compared to what you have already endured and you will get through the rest of these bumps as well, never forgetting that you have much assistance from so many in the higher dimensions, and your own heart because that is where you work from, that is where your truth lies, and that is where your strength is. 

This is not a you and us situation, this is a WE, for you are us we are you, we are One. You are our representatives, you are the boots on the ground, you have done the work that was required. Go forward with hope and joy in your heart for there is smooth sailing ahead, and we are joyful to celebrate with you. We have walked side by side with you from the beginning, you were, are and never will be alone. We are working with you, we are supporting you with love, joy, and compassion and we will continue our loving support and assistance in whatever way possible within the guidelines of Universal Law.

In the coming weeks and months you will be informed of various events that have transpired on your planet that may cause you consternation and disbelief. It is important to remember to practise non-judgment when you are challenged and to remember your freewill, your right to choose that which is your truth. And to remember that each soul on the planet is playing a role.

This is a planet of duality, there exists a negative and a positive force, through that duality you have had the opportunity to learn and grow, to attain a higher level of evolution. Without the duality, you would not have learned how to overcome adversity, how to feel such compassion for each other, how to accept your differences. That push – pull, attract and repel is what makes everything tick, enables you to move forward.

The importance of what happens on this planet is profound, for it will affect your galaxy, the universe and beyond. You are the Micro in this plan, you affect the Macro, and as you move up so does the galaxy, universe and yes, other Souls. With your sacrifices, your suffering, your growth and evolvement, you are giving others in the universe that same opportunity. And you are being watched and monitored, many are learning from you as you process those energies and those situations, watching how you experience them and then process them. You are a very, very critical part of this great Plan. So it’s important that you continue as you are, that you continue showing compassion, that you continue showing acceptance that you continue showing love and that you continue to shine your Light.