Our Tools

We all have stressful times, life happens and then we stray from the straight and narrow of our chosen path and often allow ego to rear it’s bold head. Anxiety, guilt, self blame, self judgment develops, followed by fear which leads to anger towards someone or something. Those dark times of despair and sadness cause guilt or resentment to surface and often we chastise ourselves for not being perfect. 

I am not immune to my little trips down the road of melancholy. Most of us experience those times, we work hard at doing our best and then “whoops I goofed again!” That is when we need to go back to our Tools, the basics – the very rudiments of Spirituality. 

I believe this happens more often than we are comfortable with so I would like to offer some simple solutions. Yes, simple. Spirituality is not complicated, it is so simple but can often be difficult to live the life we all would like to live which is in the vibrations of love, peace and happiness. This blog may help some remember to reach out and practice those simple tools.


Meditation is one of the best tools at our disposal, powerful and free of charge! Sitting in solitude and silence allows the flow of peace and serenity. It calms our emotional body, soothes the soul and generally is a good all-round practice. A few days ago I experienced an issue and took a step back from the situation, went to my meditation room and sat in silence and contemplation. Before long I felt the beginnings of peace like a soft warm blanket being draped over me. The tension slowly left my shoulders and upper back, soon clarity and understanding of the issue materialized. All was well.

Aura Clearing

This is a great exercise to do when one is feeling their energy scattered or just out of sorts for no apparent reason. Usually it means your auric field is “ruffled’, perhaps you were out shopping around alot of people, picking up on the stress of others. This is a good time to call upon Archangel Metatron and ask him to clear your auric field, he is always willing, available and very good at it! I feel it is appropriate to say Thank You to him when he has completed the process.

Chakra Clearing

Sometimes we forget about these wonderful coils of energy within our body, forget that they need maintenance now and then. There are various ways to do this, none are wrong, all are effective and necessary on a regular basis. Here are a few of the ways:

  1. Go into a quiet room, stand or sit and hold the intention to clear, clean and balance these vital energies. Make a connection with Spirit and envision a beam of white Light descending from above coming into your crown, slowly going down through your body to each chakra, all the while holding your intention.
  2. Connect with your Higher Self and ask her/him to assist in clearing and cleaning each chakra.
  3. While in the shower, imagine the running water going through your body cleaning each chakra, then going down the drain to the earth where it is transmuted into golden Light.
  4. Weather permitting, stand outdoors at first light or sunset and imagine the Light from the sun going through your body cleaning, clearing and replenishing each chakra.    

These are just a few methods, there are many and likely can be found on the internet or if you would like to contact me, my email address is on the website and I am happy to help anyone.

Cord Cutting    

This can be done by yourself using your intention but I always like to call on Spirit, it makes me feel good! I call on Archangel Michael to help me with this one. He uses his Sword of Truth to cut through the cords that may be draining vital energy from the body. Sometimes when we are around others, family members or strangers, they unconsciously send out energetic cords that will often stay attached, we are usually not aware of this and will often wonder what is making us feel so gloomy. That siphoning off of our energy can cause irritability and other negative emotions. A Thank You is not necessary but expressing gratitude is always a good thing.


Mantras are great for increasing our energy and there are so many wonderful ones to choose from. Reciting these powerful words over and over again cause mind and heart expansion. Here are a few: 

1) I AM the Light

    I AM The Love

    I AM the Truth.  I AM

2) Chanting Aum either aloud or silently within yourself. Aum is the Cosmic Vibration of God within Creation. It is the Mantra of eternity, it is a healing chant. You can find examples of how to chant Aum on the internet.

3) Saying and knowing this truth can make us realize that we are most certainly masters of our own Destiny.

   I and only I am in charge of

   And responsible for my

   Thoughts, words, deeds and emotions.

   No one else.

   It is called Self Mastery

Connecting with your Higher Self

This one is listed last but most certainly not the least. In fact I consider it the most important of all. When there is any issue with an incarnated soul or even if there is not an issue, connecting with your High Self is fundamental and crucial to your evolvement and to your chosen Journey.  I regard that connection as my lifeline, my “everything” and it is. A disciple can connect with and talk to, ask questions of, ask for help, ask for guidance at any time day or night. The answers don’t always come instantly, it all depends on what the soul agreement is but the connection is still of major importance. 

The suggestions I have cited are good ones, and there are others that you may have been performing that I have not listed. Going back to our basics may seem unimportant, some may feel they have advanced beyond those basics – it is all a matter of choice. If this blog helps someone then I have accomplished what I set out to do.

With Love