The Simple Truth

Truth is Simple, timeless, enduring eternally and ever constant. Truth is not complicated but it may be difficult for some to accept. Assuming responsibility for our actions and lives is not usually the easy path. It often takes strength and courage.

We have been controlled for millions of years by a dark force which originated off-planet who were the masterminds of the abuse and oppression we have suffered for eons. It is all coming to an end now because these masters of deception, exploitation and mind control have been neutralized by the Light Forces. Our present day oppressors were and are not off-planet, they are here in human form living among us, they are the minions of the original controllers. It is a small group of very wealthy and power hungry men and women and their main goal is world domination. 

They are heads of governments, police forces, entertainment industry, pharmaceuticals, technology, medical community and even churches. They manipulate and contaminate our air, food and water, they have infiltrated every organization and industry on the planet and affect our lives in every way.

The Simple Truth is – we as a Collective have not only allowed all of the above paragraph, we have given birth to it, we are our own perpetrators. This blog will explain how that happened and why it is the simple Truth. Since we are the creators of our present time here on Earth, we are the ones who must fix it, it cannot be remedied in the higher dimensions because it began here. War won’t fix it, blame won’t, fear won’t, money won’t. The resolution of our chaotic life can only be mended through the power of love and truth.

During this very stressful and uncertain time, many people feel like a victim, sometimes complaining about the restrictions, corona virus, masks, lockdowns, misery and suffering. The pain, misery and suffering is real, but people forget the simple truth, forget that in spite of the abuse that has been heaped upon us for millions of years, humanity is not blameless in all of this. We as a collective are responsible for our present global situation, we chose it, created it, now we are living it. 

The reason we are responsible is that we have energetically allowed the dark ones to maltreat us, we have allowed it because we treat each other the way the dark ones treat us. We have allowed it through our own desire for power and greed. We have allowed it by living a materialistic life, wanting more and better everything. We have allowed it by the thoughts and emotions we send out as energy into the ethers, by our lack of compassion to and acceptance of others. The dark forces have used our own dark side to manipulate us and we have permitted it.

We are eternal Beings, we have chosen to incarnate on this planet for millions of years, no one forced us to come, we all have been given the gift of Freewill by Source energy, what we do with it is up to us, there is no judgement in the higher dimensions. Many if not all of us have chosen to wear a “dark hat” in various incarnations. There can be a number of reasons for this, some of which are karmic, either to clear our own or give someone else the opportunity to clear theirs. Occasionally we will assume a dark hat while here through our freewill and decide to live a life of wealth and power. We may attain that kind of life by cheating or stealing from another. 

Some have chosen to incarnate as a member of a clergy, military, police force, head of a large corporation, a government member or perhaps a life in Hollywood and from those prestigious positions, sexually or physically abuse a child or another adult. There are both male and female spouses who beat their mate and or children, abuse their pets and others who even choose to kill an animal just to watch it die. The violence in sports is another avenue to vent our dark side either by watching and cheering or by actively participating.

Another point I wish to explain is that throughout the millions of years that we have been coming back here to earth lifetime after lifetime, we always had the choice of Freewill, the opportunity to choose the higher vibrations of love, acceptance, compassion and truth over greed, power, jealousy, vengeance, anger, murder and fear. Through the choices that we made over eons, we established this NOW reality. 

After completing an incarnation we return to the higher realms and once there we understand the true state of the world we just left – Earth. We haven’t always worn the dark hat, there were countless life times that we worked diligently on the Spiritual path and in so doing, suffered torture to bring about change. Those lifetimes made a huge difference but it took thousands of incarnations. Just as the damage didn’t happen quickly, the rebuilding cannot happen quickly.

The latest superbug, the covid pandemic is what we as a collective have chosen as the instrument that will bring about our liberation, the breakdown of the old paradigms, the old patterns and beliefs so the rebuilding can begin. As we navigate the dense environment of fear, dismay and tribulations, it is difficult to see the light at the end of it all, but it will be worth it. When we realize and accept the truth and begin to take responsibility for our own participation in the negativity, that is when real change will ensue. It is necessary for the continuation of life on earth and for the Planet itself.