The Merge

By guest writer Christina Fast

The energies of December 2020 brought in the birth of the new earth reality template.  It is here- it has arrived!  The template is being held in place by the many lightworkers who did the work to raise their frequency high enough to anchor it in.  We are the guardians of the gate, holding it open for the rest of humanity.  

This is no longer a collective journey, (we’ve done it- the new template is here), it is now an individual journey.  One by one people will go through the trenches of their own darkness to heal and integrate their shadow aspects, to find their light, and anchor into the new template.  This is the on-going energy of the collective right now.  We are coming face to face with our fears and clearing away our deepest wounds that have been hidden or locked away.  Memories that we didn’t know existed within us are rising to the surface now.  This is a time where faith, strength, and courage are so very important.  

As more and more of humanity does this, the new template will become more apparent.  As people step off the old template and merge with the new one, the old template fades away and the new one holds more form.  Many of us cannot yet see or feel this new reality, but we can feel the shifts and changes happening within us. 

There is a misconception about a two-world split.  If you consider that everything is One, this concept contradicts that notion because it suggests a separation between two realities.  Ascension is an internal, alchemical transformation.  It happens through you.  It happens through us.  When we anchor into the new earth template – we are becoming it!  We become it by absorbing and integrating all aspects of self, all that is locked away deep in our subconscious.  Like a magnet, we are pulling in all the fractals of our eternal Being; the dark and the light, because the dark is as much a part of us as the light is.  We are becoming whole.  My guides call this process “the merge.”  The more whole we are, the higher in consciousness we become; and since everything is consciousness, we therefore become (and project) the new earth reality template.  This is the process underway now in our 2021 year.  Hold steadfast and trust that all is well!    

With love,

Christina Fast