What Can We Do? How Can We Help?

I am sure many, many people are asking that question of themselves during these turbulent times. The answer is simple. Stay out of fear. The emotion of fear is the most pervasive vibration on this planet now and it is by far the most damaging to the Ascension process. That is not an accident, fear is deliberately caused by the Cabal and it does impede Spiritual evolution. 

Fear also causes anger, resentment, anxiety, stress, guilt and shame all of which depress the immune system and eventually make a human body sick. That is exactly what the dark ones want so when we allow fear to live with us, we play right into their hands. Fear also causes some individuals to become confused, worried about what will happen next and then judgement and blame surface, which are more detriments to advancing spiritually.

The very best thing anyone can do in any situation is come from Love and Truth for when those two positive vibrations are present, fear cannot live there – it is impossible. Conscious Lightworkers, Starseeds and the still sleeping ones – every person on the planet can make a difference just by choosing love instead of fear. The energy of whatever emotion we feel travels outside of our physical body and affects others, so feeling and holding love and truth can change the world.

Sometimes we feel that we are not doing enough to help or that we just don’t know what to do. We feel we cannot as one person, change a law, a rule, a government, a situation but if no one does anything, nothing happens. We can do something. We can consciously choose a higher vibration, we can make choices about what we say, what we do and our emotions. We can smile instead of frown, say a pleasant word instead of an accusation, we can show compassion instead of blame. It is all energy and so very powerful. 

The dark ones play a role here as well and in their desire for control, power and money, they give us a great opportunity to move forward in evolution by making choices of kindness, compassion, understanding and positivity in all of it’s forms.

We sometimes forget the power we hold with our thoughts, words, deeds and emotions, but it is there in spite of our forgetting. 

We just have to make a conscious effort to remember that power, the power of positivity, the power of a smile, a kind word or action and we can create miracles – and maybe even global peace.