Truth is so simple and yet can be very complicated. The reason for this, is that people have their own version of what truth really is. There is the Truth, then there are perceptions of it and this is where the variance comes into play.

Someone once asked my advice on a difficult situation. My advice was – tell the truth. The truth is constant and falsehoods are not. Once a person goes down the slippery slope of being false, it becomes a challenge to remember the original story.

Truth comes from within our heart space and that is also where Love resides. The two go hand-in-hand. I was mulling through some doubt last week and during meditation I heard, “choose Love”. It was Lord Sananda (Jesus) speaking to me. I then realized that where Love exists, doubt and fear cannot! It is impossible.

Since Truth and Love live side by side, I chose Love and my doubt was dispelled. That revelation gave me peace and a sense of freedom. What a wonderful feeling!

The answers you seek are not outside yourselves, you just have to trust yourself, listen to your intuition as this perceptivity is a very powerful tool on your journey through this life.

Being true to oneself is also very important as you meet the hurdles of incarnation. That means standing for what you know is right in the face of all your own doubt and fear, as well as resistance, ridicule, and disbelief from others.

When you stay in the vibrations of Love and Truth, you elevate yourself which is beneficial to your evolement. Stay strong, walk your path with Truth and Love in your heart!

What a tangled web we weave 

when first we practice to deceive.

Author Unknown


January 22, 2018

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