Message from Lord Sananda (Jesus) 


Message from Lord Sananda ( Jesus ) 

Dear friends, it is our great Joy to bring this message to you today through this channel. We want to remind you that you are all channels, you channel love, you channel information, you channel Light. Most of you are unaware of this due to the Veil that you agreed to take during this lifetime. That does not mean that those vibrations are not coming through to you, it just means that you have forgotten your higher dimensional side.

You have forgotten how truly powerful and wondrous you are. You have forgotten that you are all One, you are all connected. Think of it in this way. See yourselves as a tiny droplet in an immense body of water, a minuscule part of an ocean. You are one molecule, yet completely connected to every other molecule in that body of water. Together you create the ocean, a beautiful, powerful force.

As you look around you, you may feel alone and separate from your fellow humans, yet you are not separate, you a part of the greater whole. When unified, you project a powerful Light that overtakes the darkness. Know your power and connectedness, know you are mighty in your unity.

Before you came to this planet, you made agreements with each other, agreements with us who stayed back to guide you through your journey. You agreed to remember the Love, to bring the Love to those around you and to share when you noticed someone in need.

When life presents you with challenges, you sometimes fall into the lower vibrations and that is when we are there loving, guiding, giving you compassion and supporting you in every way that we are permitted.

Go forth with strength and courage, Dear Ones, know that you are loved beyond measure.

I am Sananda

Channeled by

Bethel September 9, 2017

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