Waves of Change

The title for this Blog was given to me this morning by Spirit. I have been wanting to write another blog and was waiting for some inspiration – today it came with this title. The Waves of Change are the Waves of energy that the Divine is sending to us all, all humanity, all sentient Beings on this planet.

Before I go any further I want to say that the best way to deal with these energies or any other event is to stay out of fear! Fear is the vibration that is the most detrimental to our own ascension and that of the planet. This cannot be emphasized enough – please know that all is in the hands of the Divine and in spite of what appears to be, all is well and progressing according to the Plan of the Mother.

A massive sunspot has developed on the sun the size of our Planet and is spewing beta-gamma energy frequencies towards the planet at this time ( June 27, 2017 ) Many are feeling the effects of this sunspot on and in all four bodies. Those who are spiritually unaware and are of a low vibration are feeling it the most as they are unable to process the energies coming at us.

The month of June has been pivotal in propelling us forward on our paths by Cosmic events. The June 9th full moon set the stage for the Solstice energies on June 20-21. This Solstice Gateway was an infusion of Photonic energy, lifting us all up the Ascension wave to the next level of higher consciousness.

We are in the midst of a Cosmic Breakthrough – a huge Shift in consciousness for all. As these powerful waves of Light sweep the Planet they stir up deep-seated emotional trauma, discord, some pain and suffering and Karma that needs attention.

This causes Awakening in some, clearing in others, it affects us all in different ways. All that needs to be dealt with will receive attention from these energies. If this resonates with you and you need help, call on your Higher Self and /or your Guides and Angels. They are ever ready and willing to assist.

This June Solstice also launches the August eclipse energy and the June New Moon completes this launch. We are now in the energies of the August Eclipse. There is no rest for us as the full moon on July 9 will bring yet more energy to us. We have the Lions Gateway to look forward to August 8 then the August 21st Eclipse.

There is so much occurring cosmically that humanity is completely unaware of, yet it impacts us all in so many ways. To navigate this seemingly chaotic time, it is important to stay centered, stay in the vibration of love, peace and balance. Ground yourself often many times a day if need be.

That is all I have for you now on the Waves of Energy ……..


From the wasteland of emptiness a New Earth will be re-born. It will be a creation forged from our determination, commitment, sacrifices and cemented with Love. Our love for each other, the planet, the Kingdoms and all life everywhere. We have volunteered to be here, to be the Wayshowers, hacking our way through the density, the darkness and murkiness of the 3rd density World to bring Light and Love to all.

We are the instrument that will create New Earth, we, with our Love of Source, love of the planet, love of each other. Love is all there is, Love is the power to change, yes, the power to incorporate the “ Waves of Change” that this planet so desperately needs.

We who have stayed steadfast through our own “hell on earth”, our own clearing, our own trials and challenges. We still need to stay strong, to realize that our life here, our sacrifice of leaving our loved ones in the Stars is so worth it, so much suffering can and is being alleviated by our work.

Though the Waves of Change are inundating this Planet, causing some chaos and upheaval for some souls, it is important to remember that all is in the hands and mind of the Divine, the One consciousness.

The awakened ones who heed the call of their soul will move on and up the ladder of evolution and those who cannot or will not see the Light, will remain behind traveling their own path. None are better than the other, different perhaps, but not better as we are all children of God.

Be at Peace
Free of fear
Live in Love

I send you all
Love and Light

June 27, 2017

As always, the information that is contained within my Blogs is derived from channeling Spirit, some is from my own experience, and some is from research.

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  1. A good review for me, and so inspiring! Thank you for your blog. I love to experience when you channel. I have been reading this same information. ❤🙌🙏😍

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