The Healing Power of Mother Earth

Here is a question that was asked of me recently –  “if the weather is gray, cloudy and rainy, are there higher levels of negative energy.”? My answer was that the negative energy we sometimes experience during this kind of weather rises from within, and we have the power to change that to positive energy in various ways.

Today as I went for my usual early morning walk, I started thinking of that very question. As part of my morning walk, I always say a long prayer of Gratitude. The prayer is long because I have much to be grateful for!

This morning was no different and as I walked and talked to my Creator, I thought about the words I was saying instead of just voicing them. I thought about how my gratitude raises my vibration and always makes me happy as this is one of the ways that I overcome negativity if it arises.

Here are some of the thoughts that surfaced as I walked. 

  1. Connecting with the Earth is always beneficial to our health, mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual. Notice the landscape as you walk. Here in Alberta we are blessed with Natural beauty all around us.
  2. The clover is in bloom now, I noticed the sweet aroma of those small pinkish white flowers. The wild roses are also in bloom and their scent is so delicate and pleasant that I often stop for a moment to poke my nose into a pink bloom to inhale the fragrance.
  3. I suggest if you can find a green space – most cities and towns have them – walk through and pay attention to what Nature has to offer.
  4. There are Jack-Rabbits bounding along with their big ears so prominent – they make me chuckle.
  5. The spruce and pine trees are abundant and sprouting new growth.
  6. After a rain shower during the night, the morning air smells so fresh and sweet.
  7. Listen to the chirping of the birds, their morning songs vary as they give us a concert of harmonious sound.
  8. Sometimes we are gifted with the aroma of freshly cut grass.
  9. Notice the various shades of green as you walk along, so many different hues of so many different plants, yet all melds perfectly as intended by Creator.
  10. Sometimes I enjoy a morning walk in the rain. I can take an umbrella or not – it’s only water and my clothes will dry. It is very refreshing to feel the rain on my face and to enjoy the smell of the Earth as She is washed and nourished.

Our beloved Mother Earth is an amazing Healer. She will raise our vibration when we walk upon her by just “being”. The Healing power of the Earth is ours if we choose to acknowledge it and make use of it. Our Mother Earth is generous as well as beautiful! We are able to give back to her by intentionally gifting her with our Light as we take each step. I like to thank the Earth for Her love, Her beauty and Her bounty. That too is part of my morning ritual.


June 30, 2017

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