My early morning walks are always an adventure, sometimes I see things, hear things, have Aha moments – it is never a boring time. Two days ago as I was walking, I began as usual to chat with my “Team”, my Star family, my guides and angels, whomever wanted to listen – I just prattle on and on. Sometimes the chatting brings an answer from above ( I listen as well as chat – lol ) Occasionally I find the answer within as well as from Spirit so I am not always sure where the information comes from – this is where the lines began to blur a bit.

As I was musing and walking, I felt a bit of melancholy and I did not know the cause of this feeling. I began to communicate with my Team and as I chatted, I knew the answer. The melancholy came from my inner knowing that I had/have left 3D, the third dimension and moved into a higher one. It could be the bottom or top of the 4D or perhaps the 5th. I compared the feeling and situation to the loss, the discarding of a comfortable well-worn item of clothing, perhaps a treasured sweater, one that served me well, kept me warm and cozy then began to wear out. Something that has outlived its usefulness.

I knew I had moved on in my journey, left the “old” behind as it no longer serves my highest and best good and have embraced the “New”. The New way of feeling, thinking, doing and speaking. I am not the same person that I was years ago, even one year, a month or a week. I have been on an accelerated journey, moving quickly from one enlightening experience to another, sometimes weeping, sometimes laughing for Joy. It has been quite a ride and is not finished.

I have moved from the lower vibrations of guilt, shame, fear, doubt, all of those negative feelings that no longer serve me and began to live in Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony and Balance. I don’t “fit” in the old any more, it is not comfortable, I don’t belong there. The New is exciting and  stimulating, it contains wonderful surprises and gifts for those daring enough to venture into the unknown – that is where I AM. I AM forever moving towards Source so the unknown holds no fear for me.  The unknown isn’t really unknown to me, I have been there, it is a remembering of who I AM, where I came from, and where I AM going.

Source is where there is only Love and Light. I am going forward with anticipation, a sense of urgency permeates my being, a sense that Freedom is just ahead! Freedom from the Matrix. What is the matrix? The matrix is a web around the earth and humanity, it is a product of the collective human consciousness, a consciousness that is made up of negativity that has been put upon us by the Cabal. It is old belief systems, fear, doubt, guilt, shame, jealousy, competition, materialism, suppression, torture, ignorance ( humanity not being told the truth by the “powers that be”.) and so on and so on.

Freedom is a gift that I give to myself, freedom to create my own reality, freedom from the restrictions that I place upon myself, freedom from the negative thoughts, words, deeds and emotions that are prevalent in so many that are oppressed by the Cabal. Freedom to choose what I eat, where I go, what I purchase. Freedom from mainstream media, advertising, violent movies, movies that mess with our minds regarding the ETs as malevolent Beings. Freedom from archaic belief systems that no longer serve me. Freedom from “the norm”. I don’t follow ‘the norm’ anymore, it is restrictive and boring. I AM who I Am and I AM happy with that ME.

Some tips on Freedom and advancement in soul evolution:

  1. let go of what no longer serves you
  2. Release archaic limiting and false beliefs
  3. Slam the door shut on unhealthy relationships (a big one)
  4. Create freedom by cutting cords ( I ask AA Michael to do this for me)
  5. Clear fear and old behavior patterns
  6. Clear, cleanse & harmonize your chakra and energy body
  7. Choose to be happy and at peace
  8. Choose Love
  9. Meditate
  10. Trust in Spirit and your journey
  11. Know that all is unfolding in perfect harmony with the One, just as it should be. There are no mistakes made in the Heavenworld.
  12. Shut off the TV!

Freedom for me is: Freedom to choose, freedom to grow.

Spirituality is Freedom!



December 22, 2016

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