Self Love, Self Worth, Self Forgiveness, Non-Judgement of Self


We hear and read these words occasionally but what do they really mean? What is Self Love? I read once that if we love ourselves, we are being Narcissistic, which is promoting one’s own welfare or being, in regards to one’s own advantage.

I disagree. To my understanding, Self love is crucial  as we need to be able to love ourselves before we can truly love one another. We are all children of God, we all have the Godspark within us. We are all important and beloved children of the One so how can we not love ourselves?

Sometimes when we make what we consider ”mistakes”, we find it difficult to get past the guilt and shame that we feel.  It is important  to realize that there are no mistakes, there are lessons, and from lessons we can learn and grow spiritually. We need these lessons to evolve. Through experience, we gain knowledge and understanding and are then able to reach our highest potential. With this understanding comes power, power to take control of our own reality that we create moment by moment.

I like / love myself!


Forgiving oneself is important because  unforgiveness of Self keeps us stuck in the “guilt and shame, woe is me” mode. These lower vibrations lead to a feeling of unworthiness. When we are unable to forgive ourselves, we tend to lose our connection to Source and this then creates feelings of separation and lack. It also inhibits our Spiritual growth and makes it difficult for us to move on in life. Research has shown that some of the lower vibrations may cause some ailments.

To forgive oneself is to know that no one is perfect, ( being human ) to take responsibility for our actions,( accountability ) to be honest with ourselves ( integrity ) and then let go of the past. The lesson here is to learn from the past and then focus on the “Now” to create and manifest our dreams. Self forgiveness, acceptance of Self and compassion for Self is needed for emotional healing.

I like / love myself!


This is a good one and one I work on almost daily. What is Self Judgement? How do we judge ourselves? We judge ourselves in so many ways every day. “ I shouldn’t have said that”, or when someone gives us a compliment, we brush it off by saying, “ I could/should have done better”. This is Ego getting in the way, giving us negative thoughts.

The secret is to recognize that we are doing this and once we are aware, then we can change our words and thoughts.

Remember The Law of Attraction – what we send out into the Universe is what we get back. Some of us speak negatively about ourselves and we compare ourselves to others.  We need to focus on our potential, not our limitations, we need to realize that every experience is valuable and come to a place where we are satisfied with who we are.

I like / love myself!

Love and Light,
December 13, 2015

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