Think and Do

The turmoil, unrest and confusion that is prevalent on our planet at this time of June 2020, has raised fears and concerns in much of the population. All of that has prompted me to write this short blog “Think and Do”. The title reminds me of a workbook I used as a child in the Primary grades, 1,2 and 3. It too was labeled “Think and Do”. Think first and then do the work.

It’s important for us all to think back to the basics of our Spiritual beliefs, one of those basics is that no one “does” anything to us, we are not victims, we are highly conscious Beings of Light who have taken on the mantle of Human form in order to make the necessary changes in our quest for Liberation. 

Those changes are indeed happening as I write and have been for months, this is a pivotal time on our world, now is the time we have all worked towards, suffered for and waited for! Over time, we have manifested all that is happening. For many it is an unconscious thought process but it is happening nonetheless.

I want to mention George Floyd, the man who recently died due to compression on his neck during his arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He sacrificed his life to bring attention to cultural and ethnic prejudice everywhere, not just in the United States. His death has sparked outrage, violence and anger – racial unrest has surfaced worldwide. 

People are rising up to protest his death but there is more to it than that. Although unknown to many who are involved in the protests, they are not only angry about his death, that was the event that propelled the masses into action against suppression and oppression of any kind. The underlying reason is anger towards a system of abuse that humanity has experienced for millions of years. George Floyd in his sacrifice, has succeeded in illuminating that truth to the world population! The rioting and protests are a form of purging of humanity, causing long hidden negativity to arise and be cleansed – the anger, resentment and fear of the population.

We have just gone through the energy of The Bridge Portal May 22 – 28, those 7 days were a passageway, a time of great opportunity for humankind. The portal caused a Quickening, a speeding up of the frequencies within our Lightbodies which brought to the surface to be cleared anything we needed to get rid of, any unwanted or unneeded emotions, beliefs, behaviors, changes in relationships or maybe even job changes. 

We are in the midst of a giant planetary and human cleansing! This Bridge Portal has affected those protesting and even rioting. It is all part of the destruction, disintegration and dismantling of the weak base of our society so that change can take place – change beginning with a strong base, a strong foundation, a rebuilding and reconstruction!

This quickening and clearing was designed to prepare us all for the energies that we are destined to experience during the upcoming 2020 Lunar eclipse of June 5, Solar Eclipse and Solstice of June 21, and the second Lunar eclipse of July 4. The energies of that time period, June 5 – July 4 will be intense and crucial to the Ascension process of the Collective, it will open a doorway for the forthcoming events that will unfold in the coming months.

We are in tumultuous times now, and our mission is to stay calm, use discretion in all things, in everything we read, hear or even see on the mainstream media, for all is not as it seems. The Dark Forces are in panic and will use anything they can to cause confusion and fear in humanity. False flags, lies and deceit are their main tools. We as a Collective, as Lightworkers, need to take a step back sometimes, observe closely and with the heart, “Think” about what is happening, really think about what we are seeing and hearing, then “Do” what we came here to do, use the Heart to find our inner truth. Think and Do.

Many on this planet have sacrificed for millions of years and countless lifetimes, but the one that is in the forefront at this time is George Floyd and I send his Soul my humble Blessings and Gratitude for his willing offering and contribution to the liberation of Humanity and the planet we inhabit.