Human & Planetary Changes

The changes that are happening on this planet and to Humanity are almost too numerous to comprehend and digest. There is very little on the mainstream media, local or international news except negativity, falsehoods and hype surrounding COVID19. There is much more occurring and almost none of it is reported on local news outlets. A substantial amount of it is behind the scenes with both the dark forces and the Light Forces that the average person is not aware of.

This “behind the scenes” activity is a battle, yes a battle, not with weapons – it is a physic battle for the hearts and minds of humanity. It has been ongoing for about a billion years. The dark forces have no hesitation is using violence against humanity and have done so repeatedly, they also use mind control. The Light Forces do not engage in weaponry, they use negotiation and neutralization when necessary and of course they work through their Starseeds here on Gaia.

We have been oppressed, abused, corrupted, deceived and manipulated for a billion years and the top “controllers” are an off-planet bunch that use various humans to do their bidding, these minions are known to us as the Cabal ( North America ) and the Illuminati ( Europe ). To offset these dark ones, there is a group called The Alliance, a ground crew for the Light, operating under the direction of the Light Forces, they are incognito and work to rescue those enslaved in human trafficking and other horrific situations on this planet.

Humanity is undergoing a gigantic metamorphosis, our internal  bodies are changing with every cosmic event, through meditation, and each time we willingly reach for Spirit with Love and trust. Our Light bodies are being enhanced, our DNA is changing from carbon based to crystalline which in turn allows us to hold more Light, our Chakras are being upgraded more often than ever before. Codes built within our DNA when the new Human was created are being activated in this Now of our time, all pre-planned eons ago.

We are very close to Ascension of the Collective and Gaia. Gaia is the name of our Planet and is also an Angel incarnate. She is Archangel Ariel in human form and ascended about two years ago. She is the consciousness and the Mother Goddess of this body we know as Earth. The planetary body is known in the higher dimensions as Gaia and is a living Being who has chosen to ascend with the Collective. 

As it is with Humanity, so it is with the planetary body Gaia, who is also going through monumental change. She is shaking off a billion years of negativity acquired from humanity through wars, thoughts, words, deeds and emotions. The destructive exploitation by a segment of our society has caused massive external damage to Gaia and to counteract this abuse she is using her own methods to release the negativity and to heal her great body. Some of these methods involve geophysical changes such as climatic changes.

She ( Gaia ) too is receiving copious doses of Light energy from the Higher Realms. This Light which originates from the Divine first goes through the Greater Central sun at the Galactic center then to Alcyone, our Great Central sun in the Pleiades, from that sun, it continues to our own Sol and then to the earth and Humanity. The full force of it is lessened as it travels from the Divine to our planet and to our bodies so that we are able to integrate and utilize it within our human forms. This Divine Light is radiated to the core of the Earth and from there the energies of Light are distributed to all of Gaia’s Chakras via Ley lines woven beneath the surface. 

As humanity connects with Spirit, gains more Light, feels Unity Consciousness, the energies surface and spread in a wave across the planet covering it with the Goddess Love energies! It’s a beautiful Blessed phenomenon – Humanity and Gaia working in unison for mass Ascension and the liberation of this planet.

There is another facet of this monumental event and that is the dismantling of what we call the “Matrix”. The Matrix is a field of energy surrounding our planet. It began millions and millions of years ago near the end of the Great Galactic Wars when many planets were damaged. It was put in place around the planet by the Divine to stabilize and heal after massive destruction was inflicted on her body. It eventually became a karmic prison of sorts through the absorption of humanity’s negativity from the abuse and oppression we endured.

Now due to the increase of Light that Humanity is emitting, the negative energy field ( Matrix) is gradually disintegrating and as it does, it is being replaced by Light once again. This Shift, this grand awakening is moving the planet and humanity back up to the 5D, the Ascension of both Humanity as a Collective and planet Gaia. This energetic reversal is happening, it is being felt by all sentient Beings, plant, animal and human. 

There is a “Lull” occurring, a “waiting”, almost like a lull before a storm, or akin to being in the eye of a storm. Could it be that the “storm” will commence at the time of the June Solstice? And perhaps the Storm is really a “trigger” to break open the Pandora’s Box of lies and deceit that the dark ones have kept hidden from humanity for so long? Could that be the time we finally learn the Truth about our history, oppression and abuse? Might it really be that soon when the Cabal & Illuminati will be exposed for what and who they really are? For the answers to these questions, we will have to wait. 

Our task now is to live in the Light, stay calm, keep focused on our own Truth, wait it out and maybe fasten our seat belts for we have a front row seat! We have worked within the Light for thousands of lifetimes just to be here at this time in the history of our World, now we can sit back and enjoy the changes that will take us from the “Old” into the “New World”. I for one am looking forward to whatever happens next!