Humanity’s Hidden Role with the Coronavirus

Humanity plays a number of roles with the COVID19, one of the big ones is “fear”, another one is dissension among family members, municipalities, cities and countries as to the cause and severity of said disease and blame is tossed here and there. The virus has brought many situations and new ideas to the forefront of our lives, forcing change to occur due to scarcity of food and supplies, loss of jobs, retail stores closing, isolation and separation of families. These are the obvious roles.

The less obvious, the Hidden role of Humanity, is the global pandemic situation. It is a manifestation of the abuse humanity has inflicted upon Gaia for millions and millions of years. It is a concrete living organism of abuse – caused by abuse and in turn, causing abuse. We, as a Collective have manifested it on an unconscious level. Viruses, bacteria and fungi are naturally occurring in the body. This coronavirus was isolated, tampered with in a lab then set loose upon humanity by the dark ones, they had a variety of reasons for this deplorable action, one was to sabotage the Ascension process, distract us so that our focus was on fear and not on raising our vibration to ascend. Another significant reason was to pave the way for their nasty vaccine which they would use to as a tool for population control and those surviving would receive nanochips in the inoculation devised to enslave the population, also an ingredient that would alter our DNA to suit the dark ones agenda.

The job of humanity is to see past the obvious, see beyond the chaos and confusion, our job is to stay strong in the face of adversity and hold the Light so the necessary change can come about. It won’t be easy but it is what we came here to accomplish – global change in organizations, institutions and the basic way of living. We cannot continue the way we have been, our existence is in peril, our planet is being grossly abused on a daily basis – it all has to change.

We planned this long ago in order to bring about the changes that are necessary for a Global Reset. This manifestation has occurred energetically, by our thoughts over time. A thought is energy and if we think the same idea over and over again, eventually that thought forms matter. The millions of years of exploitation and desecration that has been inflicted upon this planet has manifested and we are existing now within our own manifestation of negativity.

The Corona virus is a tangible result of our way of life, the way we think, the way we have treated each other and the planet we inhabit. It is an energetic chain of events that has unfolded as prophesied. It is and was unstoppable, it is part of the evolution of humanity and Gaia, an important and necessary precursor to the “The Event”.

The virus is factual and it’s here, now humanity’s task is to deal with it, to re-think, to re-see how we live and how to change that way of life. It is a form of mass destruction of “the old”, the old way of life. It is a “wake-up call” to the ones still sleeping, the unconscious. And there is more to come, more crumbling of the weak foundation of our society, more breaking down of the old systems, the old ways of living so that the new can begin to take shape. This virus has forced us as a Collective to make the necessary changes for our very survival and the survival of our planet – Gaia. Some recognize the global events that are happening now as “The End”, the end of something – they know not what – and that brings me to the word “Apolcalyse”.

A few days ago the word “apocalypse” kept coming to the forefront of my mind. This word is not in my usual vocabulary so I knew there was a reason for it’s presence, then I thought about the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse and I understood the meaning. There can be a variety of definitions of the word “Apocalypse” and after having searched online, I found that the one that is most prevalent is “destruction” – the complete or final destruction of the world (as we now know it) or an event involving destruction on a catastrophic scale. It can also mean the end of something due to destruction. That fits as well, the “End Times” are indeed here, the end of a materialistic way of life to make way for massive, global change. Not the end of our planet, She – Gaia is going nowhere, She is here to stay for eons, but in order for Her to survive, change must happen and it is.

The number “4” as in the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse indicates Balance, balance of energies in all things and that includes Gender Balance which is much needed here on this planet. Numerically, 4 means Balance of energies, growing in perfect balance.

Apocalypse represents the End Times, the end of the old way of life.

The 4 White Horsemen represent the Spiritual world.

The 4 horses represent Humanity, Freedom & Power – the physical.

White horse represents Humanity’s ability to be Spiritual – Truth & Purity.

Red horse represents Humanity’s Energy – all thoughts, words, deeds & Emotions.

Black horse represents the “all” of Humanity. The unconscious ones, the “sleeping” ones, it represents the Divine Feminine, the gender inequality that exists on the planet, those oppressed.

Yellow horse represents Peace.

The 4 White Horsemen and the Horses are the Game Changers, the omens of Change, the change from the Old – Earth – to the New – Gaia.

The Cabal have controlled our lives, our way of thinking – the “me first” mentality. It’s time to change our way of thinking to “what can I do that is for the greater good?” – the Unity Consciousness way of thought. It IS time to change, change our lives, the way we think, the way we treat our Self and others, the way we see the world. Change, Peace and Freedom are indeed soon to be ours!