Birthing a New World

I am pleased to welcome Christina as a guest writer for this website. Christina is a gifted and powerful Lightworker who brings clarity to the many events we experience in this world. She does this through various means such as channeling Spirit, receiving information in visions, dreams, and through sacred geometry. She can tap into other Dimensions within time and space, and considers herself a Quantum Traveller. This very talented individual also receives messages and visitations by numerous Beings of Light who recognize her as a pure channel of Truth.


Birthing a New World

Contributed by Christina

Our beloved Mother Earth is preparing to re-birth herself and begin a new life cycle. It is her Destiny to transcend her negative 3D Earth reality into a new positive 5D experience. As such, Humanity is destined to transcend right along with her, and usher in the birth of a new Civilization and a more positive experience of life on New Earth.

Within Humanity’s Collective Life Cycle, there are a myriad of timelines (representing different polarities of experience) branching out and running parallel to one another. As we travel along these infinite, linear timelines, we come across certain markers or ‘Nexus Points’, along the way. A nexus is a point of intersection where all timelines ‘converge’, so that we can collectively experience an Event. These Events provide us with many different future possibilities to choose from. (For example, the invention of the Atomic Bomb was one such nexus point that many timelines branched off from in order to experience different outcomes and alternate realities.)

A few years ago I had a vision of a Timeline Convergence. I saw colourful strings of neon light colliding together. I saw Humanity merging onto this Great Rainbow Bridge, moving together in unison, towards a single focal point with a single purpose: to traverse the Rainbow Bridge through a Nexus Portal (some refer to this as a ‘Star Gate’ or a ‘Stellar Gateway’).

I was shown that this Portal was the ‘Great Cosmic Alignment’ on January 10-12th 2020. That weekend, there was a Lunar Eclipse (which I saw as the entrance to the Portal), followed by an exact conjunction of Pluto, Saturn, the Sun and Mercury, at 22 degrees of Capricorn. I also saw Mercury as a Divine Cosmic Messenger, whizzing by all these planets just hours prior to their conjunctions, blowing his horn.

Getting ready for the Event

We experienced a Timeline Convergence from 2017 – 2019 as we were approaching a pivotal moment in human history. Throughout those years, many of us endured ‘endings’ as we wrapped up old karmic cycles (the closing or collapsing of timelines) and closed many chapters in our lives. We went through a series of changes in our inner and outer worlds, and we received DNA upgrades to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ‘bodies’ (with help from the Ascension Waves that carry light codes and DNA activations, stemming from the Great Central Sun).

As individuals, but on a collective scale, we went through our own processes of jumping and collapsing timelines, merging ourselves closer and closer together into Unity Consciousness. One by one, we began stepping onto the Rainbow Bridge that was moving us towards the auspicious Nexus Portal that spiritualists have long been referring to as ‘The Event’. This Nexus /Event marked the beginning of our planet’s Rebirth, and a Global Reset of humanity’s 3D structures currently in place. This is the Ascension Event unfolding.

Towards the end of 2019 the collapsing of timelines accelerated exponentially. We were speeding up to ‘zero-point’ or ‘zero-time’ where we entered a ‘Void’ (a temporary experience of timelessness). This was due to our final merging of timelines. Energetically, it felt as though we were floating in hyperspace. I personally felt extremely detached from the physical plane, and at times I was barely holding on by a thread! People were feeling ungrounded and there was an overall sense of unreality, or of being in a dream state. Our sense of time felt eerie and unnatural, as we were, quite literally, being lifted off of our existing timelines and anchored onto new ones. Many people reported having experiences of the “Mandela Effect” during this time.

Simultaneously, there was much happening behind the scenes of our collective consciousness. We were, on a soul level, deciding our new Fate. While we were being suspended in this holding space (the Void), our collective destiny was being rewritten, and agreements were being made. We needed to agree on a single timeline experience that would benefit all of us on our Ascension journeys.

Our Higher-Selves, together with the guidance and council of other benevolent Beings, were also reviewing our lives, and proactively choosing new contracts, and writing new scripts, for life on New Earth. (This is still on going)

I had a dream that perfectly expressed the reviewing process we were going through, and the choices being made:
I was walking around a large circle of people -many of them were characters from books- and I asked them, one by one, how they felt about their ‘stories’. I rated them on a piece of paper with a pink pen. If they liked the way their story went and wished to continue creating more of it, I rated them with a + (plus). If they were unhappy with the way their story went, and wished to scratch it, and start over with something new, I rated them with a – (minus). If they were content, and happy with how their story was going, and did not wish to change anything, I rated them with an = (equal).

Labour Pains and Bursting the Dam

The January Portal is just the beginning! At the end of 2020 there is yet another major Nexus Portal. On December 21st Jupiter will conjunct Saturn at 0 degrees of Aquarius, ushering in the New Age of Aquarius.

In fact, these two Portals are linked together by, what at first looked to me like a tight rope, but I soon realized that I was being shown an ‘umbilical cord’. As I began to process the information I was receiving in my visions, I finally had a revelation that I was seeing us inside a womb! And I was seeing 2020 as the birth canal. A world between worlds.

It suddenly became clear to me: 2019 was a time of Conception (the planting of the seeds), the January 2020 Portal was the beginning of Gaia’s Labour, and the December 2020 portal is when Gaia will give birth to herself (for she is the mother, the womb, and the fetus). And this year, in between the two portals, is the labour itself.

Once we passed through the Portal in January, we crossed a major threshold. We took a giant Quantum Leap into higher dimensions, into unchartered territory. It is a place where all the old 3D structures and systems no longer resonate with the frequency we are now on. The old structures, and the foundations they were built upon, are no longer sustainable; they are becoming weak and unstable. Just as a dam becomes strained and weakened overtime as fissures and cracks inundate it; the imminent and inevitable outcome is a total collapse of its structure.

When a dam bursts there is fast and immediate destruction. But when the flood waters calm, and the sediment settles, it leaves behind a landscape forever changed, and perhaps even unrecognizable. New river channels open up as the water seeks and carves out new pathways. But in order for the water to break free from its prison and reach beyond the boundaries of what it has always known, touched, and felt, it must first take the destructive path. There is no other way. The dam needs to fall so that the water can carve out new life, unimpeded.

Out there, beyond the dam, are new seedlings waiting for the water to bring them to life, to nourish new growth and new endless possibilities. Out there, beyond all that we can see, there is an entirely new world waiting to be explored, inviting us to cultivate and manifest things not yet imagined.

As we ascend the rocky terrain of 2020 into the unknown, we are indeed embarking on a collective journey that will liberate us from the stronghold of a failing system. ‘Global Reset’ is the energetic theme of this year. I recently channelled the spirit of a Hopi Chief, and he called this year “The Great Unravelling”, which is very fitting, because I have seen that the system will inevitably collapse by our own hand. Every step and action we take will only serve to bring it further into fruition. As the saying goes, “One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.” We must understand that there are no victims. We will be our own destroyers, yet in doing so we will also be our own liberators.

After this year, and in the years to come, we will begin a clean up and rebuild phase. We will be on our way to creating a better, stronger society with core beliefs and a core emphasis on community, cooperation, and equality. This truly is just the beginning.