The New Dawn

I am so excited to be able to write this blog! There are a multitude of ways our world is changing and we all have a front row seat! We can sit and complain about the state our world is in or we can see another side to that which is occurring during this spring of 2020. There is an old adage many of us are familiar with “ when life hands you lemons, make lemonade”. 

Well – that is indeed happening, millions of souls are taking advantage of the world conditions to reconnect with loved ones, make more family commitments, help a neighbor, volunteer in many ways such as delivering groceries to those who are housebound and to “go within” connect with Spirit, and practise meditation more often to strengthen that energetic bond. 

This confinement or segregation we are experiencing with the social distancing and self isolation will be a huge impetus in the Grand Awakening that is occurring – and it is occurring. The timing of all of these events is coinciding with Easter in the Christian religion. It is very symbolic and revealing.

Easter occurs in the spring, it signifies the suffering of Christ, His isolation, confinement, entombment and then His resurrection. What is happening in the world now is extremely symbolic of that long ago event. 

Jesus Christ suffered. Humankind has suffered for millions of years under oppression and abuse. Many are suffering Globally at this time, April 2020.

Christ was entombed and isolated. Humankind is experiencing a lull, isolation and confinement Easter 2020.

Christ “Awakened”, rose from His sleep, and was re-birthed. Humankind is in the midst of a mass Awakening at this time, akin to a “re-birth”. We will rise up to a New Dawn, a new day, new times, new World.

In the word Easter, I see “East-er”. The sun rises in the east bringing the Dawn of a New Day. We are on the cusp of a magnificent New Day, New Age, the Age of Aquarius.

The Age we are leaving, the Piscean Age is about power and hierarchy, we have been living in the power and hierarchy of the dark ones, the ones who have been controlling us for millions of years. The good news is that the Age of Aquarius is about information! Revealing that which has been kept secret and hidden from Humanity for Eons. Nothing is secret anymore, all information is available, or will be this year, perhaps next year but it is all breaking open. Yes, breaking open and breaking down as well, the old paradigms will be gone heralding the Newness that is on the horizon.

The turmoil our world is in the midst of at this time – suffering, confusion, forced and in some cases, voluntary segregation, along with compassion, community mind-set, numerous group and singular meditations, focus on family, focus on our inner self, service to others in many forms – will set the ball rolling towards The Event. This is the beginning of it which is the Awakening of the Collective, that is when the majority of humanity reaches a level of consciousness where we are one with the consciousness of the planet – Gaia. 

The mass awakening can be referred to as a Global Reset, a psychic phenomena where the hearts and minds of the collective become “reset” to know and understand the truth. It can be compared to a Global detoxification, a clearing, cleansing, it’s not pretty, it can be uncomfortable and painful but it is necessary, effective and worth it!

This morning during my daily walk, the winds were very strong, I didn’t mind, I loved it! I thought of it as “the Winds of Change” blowing to clear the air, the negativity, clearing all that which no longer serves our best interests. Blowing to help bring in the “newness” of the New Dawn.  The freshness was wonderful and exhilarating for me.

There are many changes about to transpire on Gaia and one of the major transformations will be the name of our World. The old name of “Earth “ will be gone – it may take some time for the majority of Humanity to become comfortable with the new concept – but it will happen. The true name for our World is Gaia, we are Gaians. She is known as Gaia in the higher realms and so it will be here. In Greek mythology, Gaia is the personification of the Earth and one of the Greek Primordial Deities. Gaia is the Ancestral Mother of all Life: the Primal Earth Goddess. The consciousness of our world is Archangel Ariel, she is Gaia, she is the Mother Goddess of this planet we inhabit.

Her original title was Terah, that beautiful name was changed by the Dark Forces to “Earth” which is an anagram of Terah. Diabolical? Yes! But their time here is almost over, they are on the way out and many Truths will surface, astounding truths hidden for millions of years.

Another slant on this Truth is: In the practice of Numerology, Terah (Earth-anagram of Terah) is a “7”. The number 7 is a Mystical number, indicating mystery, secrets, veiled, that which is hidden. 7 marks the beginning and ending, a cyclical period of growth and development. So it is with Earth, a great deal of our true history has been hidden from Humankind for nefarious reasons, one of which is to keep us “dumbed down”, keep us ignorant of the real history. Since the onset of habitation on this planet, there has been tremendous growth and development and that is all good.

In reference to Gaia and Numerology: Gaia is a “9”!! 9 signals Completion! Gaia is complete, She has Ascended, She has risen from the depths of abuse, wars, corruption, desecration and full blown negativity to Ascend, lovingly bringing Humanity with her. She is the New World, a world humanity has been working towards, hoping for and anticipating for millions and millions of years.

Change is truly on the horizon – necessary change, long foretold change and much needed change. Be at Peace for The Divine is in complete control – as always.