COVID-19: Chaos, Change, Calm

The planned interruption of the Grand Ascension of Earth and Humanity is the reason behind the COVID-19 chaos that is widespread throughout our world. The perpetrators are the dark forces and they are confused, scared and desperate  because they know their dominance on this world is almost finished. 
This pandemic was orchestrated by the dark forces to create global fear and to pave the way for the vaccine that they have created, a vaccine designed to damage the human DNA. In so doing they thought to sabotage the Ascension process. That won’t happen, they are on the way out but can still cause trouble with the human race. The mass arrests will happen soon and the dark ones are trying to leave the surface to hide out underground. They cannot hide, they will be illuminated and rounded up by the Light Forces. 
The COVID 19 is an offshoot of the SARS virus in 2002. It is non-political and a great “levelling” agent. Our immunity to it does not come from a vaccine, it comes from our crystalline bodies, our evolutionary progression ability to hold Light within our very DNA. This process has been amplified by the Divine and the Light Forces for years, some of which include DNA activations. The carbon based body is not immune, the crystalline DNA is. 
This newest flu, the COVID is the greatest Fear Campaign ever orchestrated by the dark forces! They mainly use the mass media as the method to inject fear into the masses. It is very effective and the dark ones know that. There are some souls who have chosen to exit the planet at this time, they would have with any seasonal flu – which by the way is about equal if not worse than the COVID – ( refer to for one informational site ). The severity of this so called “pandemic” is not measured by the actual flu, but by the fear it has caused through the mass media. Fear is our greatest enemy, it is fear that perpetrated the hoarding, border closures, airline flight restrictions and so on. 
Those who have chosen to stay, will continue to have their daily lives disrupted for a time, however there is a positive side. It is a wake up call to humanity worldwide to work together as a collective for the good of all, it is an opportunity to think outside of ourselves and to help each other. It is a time for people to stay indoors, reflect on what is really important, and a time to take a rest from the busyness of the treadmill of Life.
The year 2020 and this decade is all about Change, about New. New ways of seeing, new ways of doing, new ways of thinking. It is about destruction of the “old” to make way for the “new”. Rebuilding can only happen through destruction or the “tearing down” of the old. It’s time for the old paradigms to be replaced with a more expanded way of thinking, new understanding of our outer World, Solar System, Galaxy, Universe and beyond. As we change from the old patterns to newer and more innovative ways of doing, seeing and thinking, we change the World we live in! We have that ability.
The very constructs of our society are breaking down. It was built on deceit and greed, therefore it is not sustainable. The foundation for our civilization is weak – one cannot build a skyscraper on a weak base, it will crumble and fall, so it is with our society.
This NOW time in our history – the situations we are experiencing now, the events occurring worldwide, were foretold Eons ago by the Sages. Those of us on planet Gaia at this time came here with the express purpose of being part of this great Event, the upliftment and liberation of Terah Gaia. 
The latest flu virus and the results of it are a large part of THE EVENT that has been talked and written about for years. The changes that will take place from the results of COVID will smooth the way for full disclosure, currency revaluation and eventually – Gender Equality.
Our job is to stay calm, stay out of fear, show Love and compassion and to remember that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be, remember that Creation is unfolding with Divine precision.