Your Path. Your Journey. Ascension – Part 2

My last blog focused on resistance & surrender in regards to your Journey through this lifetime. In this one I will focus more on the Ascension of humanity.

What is Ascension? It is a Path, a Path that never ends in that when it does end you have reached infinity and Oneness with the consciousness of God, the Supreme Creator. Ascension is a word used to describe movement from one dimension to another and from one plane to another. To progress is called Spiritual Evolution.  AA Michael told us that we have experienced different phases of ascension in many locations and realities.

Not all of us that are incarnated here at this time are here for ascension. Some souls chose to be here to either clear Karma and learn some truths about themselves or both. Some souls chose to be here to ascend and then there are those that chose to be here to ascend in the physical. Ascension is not for the weak, we are up to this or we would not be here.

All of this depends on the level of consciousness of the soul and what that soul needs to concentrate on. The oversoul that is still in the higher dimensions knows exactly what it’s projection is here for, and guides that one through the lifetime.

Ascending in the physical means just that – to ascend to the level of the fifth dimension while still in the physical body. It means taking your physical body with you without the “dying process”. This process enables the soul to travel inter dimensionally throughout the Cosmos which has been difficult if not impossible up to now. This is because one living in the 12th D cannot easily – if at all, live in a lower dimension and visa versa. One must be able to vibrate at the frequency of the dimension to inhabit that dimension.

Ascension can only occur when all previous lessons and Karma have been dealt with. We must be willing to release and clear all negative thought forms.

Over the ages ascension in the physical has occurred, the most recognized example of this is Jesus ( Lord Sananda ). There have been other ascended Masters who have accomplished this as well, but not many. This is the first time in the history of Creation that souls have been offered this en masse and many have opted to participate in this endeavor. Not all, but many.

This event transcends the incarnated soul, it affects all in the Galaxy and the Multiverses. It is a domino affect, as we move up in consciousness, those in the higher dimensions move up as well and then those higher that that group move on up. It affects all. That is why being incarnated here on Earth at this time is so profound – the effect is monumental!

Sometimes as an incarnate, we chafe at our circumstances, I know I do. We indulge in a “pity party”, we play the victim, when in fact we are so very privileged to be here on Earth living this life in the “School of hard knocks”.

This planet is ideal for learning and evolving, and that is why there are souls lined up to be here. WE volunteered, WE were chosen. WE should thank Creator every moment of our lives for the honor and the privilege of being here!!

There is much assistance from the higher dimensions to aid us on this amazing journey. This comes from our Higher Self, our Team of guides and angels, our Star families and a multitude of heavenly Beings of Light. They are all cheering us on, ever with us, ever willing to enhance our efforts with their own.

We are also receiving massive waves of energy influxes from the Cosmos in the form of Solar Flares, constant energy from the Photon Belt which we have moved into and will remain in for at least 2000 years, also we are gifted with wonderful Porlana C energy from Spirit. Another major source of energy from the Universe comes from the Divine Mother, it is sometimes referred to as her “Honeylove”. This amazing and Blessed energy helps to awaken the sleeping ones and propels us all forward on our Spiritual journey. We are all truly Blessed!

Show and speak Gratitude for these many Blessings.

As with my last Blog, I want to add this quote from my Creator that was given to me about a year ago while I walked in the Arizona Sonoran desert.

Live in Love, Love to Live, Love is All, All is One.

~ Creator


May 8, 2017

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