Create Your Reality. Create Your World!

“The Tones of Humanity Affect the Vibration of the Universe”

~ Lord Ashtar July 8, 2016

The morning of July 8, 2016, I received the above message from Lord Ashtar, Supreme Commander of the Galactic Fleet that sits in our atmosphere waiting for us to “wake up”, waiting for us to raise our vibration enough for the Galactics to land. They wish to make contact with us and gift us with their technology, wisdom, healing, and their love.

They have to wait until the Light quotient of Humanity is raised enough for this to happen. So folks – their landing is all up to us! The “Tones” he spoke of is the energy that we send out into the ethers by our thoughts & emotions. If this energy is mostly negative then the Light quotient drops, if enough people send out positivity, the Light increases! See how it really is up to us? 

The saviors we are waiting for are us. That energy impacts the whole Universe, other Beings, other Galaxies and this is one reason why these Beings of Light are so interested in us, so patient, so tolerant, so non-judgmental of our deeds.

Another reason is that they come from the vibration of Love and wish to aid Humanity and Earth to once more become a fifth dimensional Planet as we were before the Annunaki came. The Annunaki are gone now from Earth but their minions remain, they are the Cabal, the Illuminati and they wish to control the world and all of humanity. They have the money to do this, therefore they have the power.

They control us through the mainstream media, the pharmaceutical industry, the banks, GMO’s, terror attacks – most of which are “false flags”. These are horrific events used by the Cabal to create terror amongst the population keeping us ( not all, some of us) in constant fear.

They control us by keeping much of the population sick through chemicals in our food, in the skies ( Chemtrails) our medicines, vaccines, even our tobacco. Tobacco in its original form, pure form is not as deadly to humans as it is once it is filled with addictive chemicals that pollute the pureness of it.

They control us by keeping us separated by creating fear of one another, color against color, black vs white, sexual bigotry, fear of immigrants, they emphasize our differences when in fact we are all the same.

No matter what color we are, what our sexual orientation is, we are all the same. Everyone wants to be loved, wants love, is Sourced from Love – it is who we really are – beings of Love.

We can each do our part by using discernment when watching the TV, the news is most often negative, we can turn off the TV or at least know that most of the terror events are contrived by the “dark hats”, that the weather is somewhat controlled by Geo-engineering. Some of the extreme weather as in earthquakes is due to the practice of fracking.

Also, Mother Earth is shaking off the negativity that she has accumulated from humanity over eons of time from the wars, bloodshed, negative thoughts, and deeds. She must clear her own great body to accomplish her ascension the same as we humans are doing on our journeys.

The importance of thinking positive cannot be emphasized enough!  Someone said to me not long ago that everyone he/she knew was having trouble, their life was going “downhill”. That cannot be the case, not everyone.

If an incarnated soul is going through challenging times it is not the fault of God, the Universe, the government or a neighbor, it is one of 3 things or perhaps all three – they are:

  1. The challenge that they wrote in their pre-birth contract for the lesson their soul needs to learn
  2. Karma they are working out from a past life or Karma incurred through the present lifetime
  3. Their free will has come into play and a challenge has arisen from a choice they freely made thus creating their own reality.

That kind of thinking, putting negative energy out into the Universe is a major factor in the holdup of the GCR, NESARA, GESARA, full Disclosure and the landings of the Galactics. We are told and told again from the COH ( Company of Heaven) and the Galactics to monitor our thoughts, words, deeds and emotions, to come from the vibration of positivity and love. When will the message finally get through to Humanity??

Soon, I hope.

Something to remember

I and only I, am in charge of and responsible for

my thoughts, words, deeds and emotions

It is called Self Mastery.

These words of Wisdom were given to me by my Star Grandmother

Love and Light,
July 9, 2016

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