What is Unconditional Love?

This subject has been on my mind for weeks, I have been mulling it over and over – just what does Unconditional Love really mean? My very inquisitive mind always needs to understand a topic or situation, then it becomes much easier for me to accept. Since I was unable to come up with a satisfactory explanation on my own, I asked Spirit and received an answer.

I had the misunderstanding that in order to Ascend we had to love everything and everybody unconditionally – we do, but not the way we usually think of unconditional love. It simply means that we have to understand that everyone is on a path of their own choosing and then to accept that truth. Everyone on Planet Earth at this time of the Great Shift is either here to Ascend, to clear Karma, to learn lessons for soul growth or for all of these reasons.

Sometimes, the lessons involve wearing a “dark hat” on the journey and because of this, it is not our place to judge anyone or any situation. We must learn to take a step back and accept another’s path.

We do not have to like what other people do and we do not have to be everyone’s best friend. We do however, have to accept the path of another soul. If our energy does not match with another, we are free to send them love then “bow out” and continue on our way.

When I learned this truth it was incredibly freeing for me. I felt like a weight was gone and it was. I now send love and compassion to the person, situation or deed and then move on without guilt.

I am posting this because I feel it is important to share just in case there are others out there who have pondered “Unconditional Love”.

Love and Light,
February 27, 2016

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