Guns vs. God

This very controversial subject has many facets to it. First of all, what do the words in the title have in common? Nothing. Nothing, and yet in some countries it is believed that God has a lot to do with guns, there is a belief that owning and using guns is a “God given right”. I disagree. Guns are weapons, guns kill, people using guns, kill. Guns were and are made to kill. God is Love, Light and Love. God is not about killing.
There is a saying – a belief – “the God-given right to bear arms”. To me that means God sanctifies owning a weapon to kill. That concept is not possible. One reason to own a weapon is for self-defense, a method to deter a threat from another person. How is this done? By shooting the one who is threatening. 
There is another side to this coin. In some instances the very person who believes they have the right to kill another, attends a church where the doctrine,”thou shalt not kill” is practised. Within the church doctrine is a belief that God gave Moses the 10 commandments to live by, one of those commandments is “thou shalt not kill”. A dichotomy it appears. An acceptance of two entirely different perspectives. In one situation there is the understanding that God has given an individual the right to own and operate a weapon – even using it to kill another. The other situation is the belief that God commanded “Thou Shalt not kill”. How is it possible for a human being to accept and hold both of these convictions when they obviously contradict each other?
There are many ways to kill, guns are only one of them. We as a society kill the innocent, the homeless and the impoverished. The unborn are ruthlessly murdered every day through the method of abortion while some in our society believe it is their “right”. The homeless are killed through the neglect and uncaring of a large portion of humanity as are the impoverished. Capital punishment is accepted and is the law in some countries. Is that not murder? There are some wretched souls who have been executed by governments that are later proven innocent. It happens. 
Some people believe they have the right to own and use guns because it is entrenched in the constitution of a country. In the case of the United States, it is in the constitution, a  document that was written and signed near 250 years ago. Has society not advanced far enough on the ladder of evolution to think that maybe what was acceptable 250 years ago, no longer holds true in 2020? 
It is legal to own a gun in Canada but only if it is registered. The laws there are not quite as lax as in the US, auto weapons are banned, and semi- auto weapons are restricted, the population are still permitted to own and carry a gun as long as the rules are followed. The rules are not always followed. Advanced civilizations do not kill each other, they have evolved enough to understand that it is better to live in peace, love and harmony than to use weapons that kill.
There will always be those who refuse to lay down weapons, those who wish to have power over another but until Humanity as a collective evolves enough to understand that the road to peace is not through owning or the use of weaponry – it is through love – until then we will be servants of the gun lobby groups.
Perhaps one day a political leader will surface who will have the courage to stand up to the powerful gun lobbyists that have significant influence on those in government or those seeking to be. If and when that happens, this individual will be a shining example to the population of the country and to the rest of the world! He/she will prove that lasting peace cannot be accomplished through guns or weaponry of any kind, only through the desire for peace worldwide that stems from deep within the heart.
When our souls were cast from Source, each was gifted with Freewill. Freewill is the right to choose, we all have that right. It is hoped that a soul will choose Love over violence and if love is not the choice, there is no judgement from God or the Beings that reside in the higher dimensions. However, when we do not choose love, evolvement takes a step or two back – and that makes it difficult to go up the ladder, instead we slip down a step or two.
The ultimate goal of each soul is to find the way back to our Source, to God and that can only happen through love – love, peace and harmony – not violence and abuse. Banning weapons will not stop the killing of each other, but it would be a step towards a more peaceful world and a more advanced way of thinking.